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Modeling the Hawaiian Shoreline

NASA Space Technology

NASA Space Technology The island of Hawai'i is sunless, with streaks of orange and red. There may perhaps be a grand orange internet site (shut to center). The water all the procedure in which thru the island is, going from left to moral, orange and crimson. The shoreline has a blue line along it, indicating high flood threat.

NASA/Lisa Tanh, Matilda Anokye, Ian Lee, Connor Racette

The island of Hawai’i and surrounding waters glow in original shades on this 2022 model made thru NASA DEVELOP. The model was as soon as created to serve the County of Hawai’i in their shoreline setback thought. The image shows areas of high flood threat (blue), apart from sea floor temperatures. Orange in the west signifies high temperatures, whereas crimson in the east represents low temperatures.

NASA DEVELOP initiatives bridge the gap between NASA’s Earth science recordsdata and society, addressing environmental concerns and enhancing choice-making to increase existence here on Earth. Learn extra about NASA’s Capability Building Functions and utilized Earth science at NASA.

Checklist Credit: NASA/Lisa Tanh, Matilda Anokye, Ian Lee, Connor Racette


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