Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Fair Nationwide Electoral Commission (INEC), on Wednesday, Can also 15, declared vacant the Garki/Babura Federal Constituency of Jigawa yell vacated by Hon Isa Dogonyaro who died on Friday in Abuja after a instant sickness.

He moreover launched present vacancies in three yell constituencies across the country occasioned by the demise or resignation of the participants.

The yell constituencies are the Khana 2 Snarl Constituency of Riversyellthe Bagwai/Shanono Snarl Constituency of Kano Snarl, and the Zaria Kewaye Snarl Constituency of Kaduna Snarl.

Talking at a quarterly consultative meeting with the media executive, Prof. Yakubu stated as soon as preparations are concluded, the fee will yell the dates for bye-elections within the affected constituencies.

He disclosed that the February 3 rerun elections in Enugu and Kano states were disrupted by violence and thuggery, resulting within the suspension of the election by the fee.

He appealed to the media to aid the fee in mobilising Nigerians, notably residents of Edo and Ondo states participate within the precise Voter registration thunder within the two states before the off-cycle governorship elections in every states.

He moreover requested media organisations to submit capabilities for accreditation to account on the election in earnest alongside with the compulsory documentation for individual journalists and presents a take to employees.