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I would possibly be first Adivasi lady MP from TS: Atram Suguna

Politics tamfitronics ADILABAD: Congress Adilabad candidate Atram Suguna used to be a government teacher till a number of months ago however politics will not be new to her. Her political occupation started as an MPTC from the Congress in Murimadugu within the Jannaram mandal in 1995.

She additionally worked in varied organisations specializing within the welfare of academics, Adivasis and girls. After a prolonged gap of nearly 30 years, she relinquished her teaching job and joined the Congress to fight elections.

In an interview with the Deccan Account, Suguna spoke on a extraordinary assortment of points along with politics and personal lifestyles, the Congress and her fight for the folk’s constitutional rights.


Q. Why did you re-enter politics after a prolonged gap and why did you be a part of the Congress?

I used to be vigorous in folk’s actions even after I obtained a job as a government teacher. I tried to balance between my job and combating for the general public jam off. I realised that it used to be complex for me to realize justice to every at the same time.

I joined politics again on fable of I needed to actively participate for the general public ethical. I took inspiration from panchayat raj minister Seethakka, with whom I in actuality include a prolonged affiliation in public actions. This is why I selected to affix the Congress.

Q. What is your political background?

I contested as an MPTC on a Congress celebration label from Munimadugu in Jannaram mandal and obtained elected in 1995. I polled 800 votes out of a total of 1,100 by spending ethical Rs 1,000. Getting elected as the MPTC boosted my morale and gave me confidence to work for the folk. After 24 years, I am contesting again on a Congress label for the Adilabad Lok Sabha seat. I am confident that I would possibly find with a extraordinary majority.

I thank Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy, Rahul Gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi for giving a label to a government teacher love me and for encouraging Adivasi women in mainstream politics.

I am the first Adivasi lady contesting within the Lok Sabha elections within the allege. My husband, Atram Bhujangarao, is additionally a government teacher and vigorous within the Human Rights Dialogue board.

Q. What roughly response are you getting?

I’m getting a ethical response. Folk deserve to gape Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister after these elections. Folk are comparing the Congress rule with the BRS and BJP rule and include decided to vote for the Congress. Now, they’re having a ogle for a slouch-setter who will fight for their rights, find to the bottom of their complications, and quiz anti-folk policies in Parliament.

Q. Assemble you locate any impact of the 5Gs on the general public?

As for the impact of the Paanch Nyay promised within the Congress manifesto, it has been indispensable. Girls are responding positively to the `1 lakh monetary aid per year and the promise to make 2,00 days of labor below MGNREGS, along with providing `400 as minimal wage to workers.

We’re taking these Paanch Nyay and social justice agenda to every family, in addition to to the Six Ensures equipped by the allege government. Even farmers are supporting us after Chief Minister Revanth Reddy made it clear that the carve loan waiver will be utilized at any designate by August 15.

Q. How attain formative years ogle at the BRS and BJP and their policies?

The BRS has failed to place in force many promises it gave to the folk within the final 10 years, while the BJP did nothing however maintain hype around its policies and schemes, though they have not shown extraordinary sure impact on folk’s lives. For occasion, they failed to place in force the KG to PG plot, present 3-acre land to the Dalits and Tribals, and offer 2BHK to all eligible dejected.

It used to be us, the Congress, who constructed irrigation projects, established top instructional institutions, and utilized welfare, successfully being, and training schemes love MGNREGS, in addition to to providing lands assigned to the dejected for their empowerment.

Exploitation of folk has elevated on all fronts below the BRS and BJP rule, however we, the Congress, are the folk’s celebration striving for the welfare and pattern of the dejected and marginalised.

BRS candidate Atram Sakku failed to extinguish his Asifabad segment despite being MLA twice. How can he extinguish the Adilabad Lok Sabha constituency, which is a lot better than the Asifabad segment?

BJP candidate Godam Nagesh has been MLA, MP and a minister however he didn’t even extinguish his village. So now how can folk inquire pattern from him?


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