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ELECTRICITY TARIFF HIKE: Falana accuses Nigerian govt of performing a World Financial institution, IMF script

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Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has launched a scathing critique of the Federal Executive’s most recent decision to elongate electricity tariffs, alleging that the switch is an instantaneous results of pandering to the dictates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Financial institution.

In a televised interview on Channels Tv’s Politics Today on Mondaynight, Falana asserted that the authorities turned into merely executing a coverage imposed by the Bretton Picket institutions, prioritizing their pursuits over those of the Nigerian folks.

Flana contended that the Minister of Energy is effectively accomplishing the script of the IMF and World Financial institution, which win consistently pushed for the removal of all subsidies, along side gasoline and electricity, as a condition for his or her support.

This, he argued, turned into a hallmark of neoliberal policies that prioritize commercialization and profit over social welfare and the general merely.

The human rights lawyer posited that the authorities’s capitulation to those global financial institutions has resulted within the implementation of policies that are detrimental to the bulk of Nigerians, who are already struggling to carry out ends meet.

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By pricing essential companies and products take care of electricity previous the attain of the moderate citizen, the authorities is effectively forsaking its accountability to give protection to the pursuits of its folks, Falana asserted.

“The Honourable Minister of Energy is performing the script of the IMF and the World Financial institution.

“Those two agencies insisted and they proceed to instruct that the authorities of Nigeria must take away all subsidies. Gasoline subsidy, electricity subsidy and what win you; all social companies and products must be commercialised and priced previous the attain of the bulk of Nigerians.

“So, the authorities can not afford to give protection to the curiosity of Nigerians the place you are enforcing the neoliberal policies of the Bretton Picket institutions,” Falana opined.

Falana’s critique raises essential questions about the extent to which the Federal Executive is willing to compromise the welfare of its residents in portray to soothe global financial institutions.

Because the country grapples with the fallout of the electricity tariff hike, Falana’s accusations win sparked a renewed debate about the role of neoliberal policies in perpetuating inequality and social injustice in Nigeria.

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