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Weeks after asserting an amplify in the electricity tariff of Band A potentialities, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Rate (NERC) has adjusted the note of a single allotment meter from N58,661.69 to N81,975.16.

NERC additionally adjusted the note of three allotment meter from N109,684.36 to N143,836.10.

The adjustments were contained in an clarify entitled “The deregulation of meter prices for meters deployed below the Meter Asset Provider Arrangement” which modified into once signed by NERC chairman, Engr Sanusi Garba and the commissioner accountable of loyal licensing compliance, Barrister Dafe Akpeneye, on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Consistent with the duo, the note of single allotment and three allotment meters for MAPs, inclusive of all other associated prices of set up and warranties shall proceed to be on the regulated rates approved by the commission.

NERC said the Meter Asset Services (MAPs) and Native Meter Manufacturers Associations (LMMAs) comprise requested a extra overview of meter prices in consideration of serious adjustments in NGN/USD some distance off places alternate fee and inflation fee for the reason that final note overview in September 2023 and the loads of adjustments in these macroeconomic variables has constrained their ability to assemble meters on the approved regulated note.

Garba and Akpeneye said the commission has illustrious the necessity for the atmosphere pleasant pricing of meters to acknowledge more mercurial to adjustments in macroeconomic parameters, particularlyalternate rates.

“The commission has extra taken cognisance of the constraints/challenges confronted by MAPs and LMMAs and thanks to this fact approved the deregulation of prices of meters deployed below the MAP scheme with attain from 1 Can even simply 2024,” the clarify acknowledged.

“The commission hereby orders: with attain from 1 Can even simply 2024, all prices of meters below the MAP scheme shall be sure through a aggressive bidding project with potentialities equipped with comparatively about a approved vendors.

“The blended effects of sections 8(1 )(c), 8(1 )(d), 16(1 )(h), 31 and 32(1 )(b) of the Regulations on the regulated pricing of meters deployed below the MAP scheme is hereby derogated.

“The payment of prices of meters deployed below the MAP scheme is HEREBY DEREGULATED to enable pause.use potentialities impression meters from MAPs.”

NERC illustrious that the different is basically based fully totally on aggressive open market prices sure from transparent bidding frameworks.

The clarify illustrious that every particular person MAP permits holders are henceforth eligible to supply products and providers and transact for the provision of meters and metering products and providers with any DisCo in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with their present enable.

Consistent with the commission, the lifting of the restriction on permitting to characteristic in all DisCos is field to the wanted requirement for MAPs to conform with the associated DisCo explicit necessities/specifications.

The commission added that every particular person DisCos shall assemble distinct that the effective and seamless integration of tidy meters deployed by MAPs with the DisCo’s head-pause programs and meter data management programs.

It extra illustrious that every particular person DisCos shall present a publicly accessible on-line portal on their web characteristic where most likely MAPs can undercover agent the DisCo’s technical specifications andcommercial phrases for participation as a MAP internal its network region.

Garba and Akpeneye said all  DisCos are required to habits an intensive take a look at and confirmation of specifications for recent meters proposed by a most likely MAP and concluded no later than 20 working days from the date the proposed MAP fulfils the full necessities specified on the on-line portal to preserve shut half internal its network region.