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Imperialists’ rate on African countries

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Our Reporter April 30, 2024

SIR: Western ideology and have an effect on has performed nothing nevertheless enrich African politicians and elites, yet the authentic populace are impoverished and oppressed. Training, faith and politics which spear-headed, speeded up model, civilization and technological advancements within the West turned out to be a curse, rip-off and form of harbinger of poverty in various African countries. Retaining apart the separate struggles in countries devour Niger, Togo, Guinea, Sudan, Mali, South Africa, Angola, Burkina Faso and Liberia explain tales of third world countries who take one step forward and two steps backwards.
Banditry, kidnapping, terrorism even insurgency has continued in Nigeria attributable to socio-economic grievances. Ethnic and non secular tensions make contributions to violence as Christians/Muslims vie for energy, resources or autonomy. A songwriter as soon as acknowledged; “mushroom mentality is the challenge killing Nigeria. It is the explanation within the help of tribal wars, it goes with the entitlement of born-to-rule and born-to-wait on.”
The bane of terrorism, banditry and kidnapping in Nigeria are Islamic fundamentalists. We are able to link them to ISIS, ISWAP, Al-Qaeda, Islamic community, Fulani herdsmen and Islamic terrorists. Nigeria used to be a British colony (1882-1960) and they also cooperated with the Fulani who came by the wilderness in 18th century. The two imperialists labored together for a authentic cause and pursuits in Nigeria. We may per chance well per chance very effectively be blind to sponsors of terror within the 21st century on the assorted hand it used to be sure to The united states and other mighty international locations that Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden backed terrorism within the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties by rebels, anti-imperial teams, guerrillas and Al-Qaeda community. In 1980, President Ronald Reagan ended the chilly war.

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We may per chance well per chance now not have faith every imagination or what the tips conjures, yet the challenge of issues in Nigeria portends probability, destruction and peril. As we stand and look with our eyes mounted upon the farther shore, there’s no towering high nor glimmer of light coming from Africa. Political leaders make effectively to provide protection to themselves and their loot (spoils). What then can build African countries if now not an drawing close shake-up and turnaround? Voters generally attach their lives in probability within the face of the police, military and other safety apparatuses seeking to pick who will lead them whereas the incumbent takes a frustrating decision for re-election and continuity affecting results and consequence of every and every election.
Decolonizing Africa within the 21st century is a multifaceted endeavor that requires concerted efforts at political, economic, cultural, and environmental stages. It involves reclaiming identity, sovereignty, and agency within the face of historic injustices and contemporary challenges. Democratic elections in nearly your total African countries are shams, plunging the citizenry in shambles. By addressing management challenges, Africa can forge a direction in the direction of honest independence, prosperity, and dignity for its of us.

Politics tamfitronics
•Obiotika Wilfred Toochukwu Awka


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