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Journalists Note Efforts to Curb the Opioid Disaster and Save Catholic Hospitals Below the Scope

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KFF Correctly being Info senior correspondent Aneri Pattani mentioned her experiences reporting on addiction and affords advice to journalists initiating on this beat for the American Society of Dependancy Remedy’s “The Treat Dependancy Attach Lives Podcast” on March 18. She also mentioned the spending questions surfacing as $1 billion flows into Massachusetts to fight opioids on WCVB NewsCenter 5’s “5 Investigates” on March 6.

KFF Correctly being Info correspondent Rachana Pradhan mentioned the constraints on ladies’s health care at Catholic and Catholic-affiliated hospitals for PBS’ “PBS Info Weekend” on March 17.

KFF Correctly being Info ethnic media editor Paula Andalo mentioned how Colorado students are pushing for the ability to retain naloxone on Radio Bilingüe’s “Linea Abierta” on March 14.


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