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SNL’s Sarah Sherman Plays the Worm in RFK Jr.’s Brain

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Sarah Sherman’s been making a habit of dressing up in animal costumes on “Weekend Update” these days, and the most modern news—that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a parasitic worm in his brain in 2010—gave her yet yet any other wide different. She came out to the “Update” desk in an clarify Dune-ish worm costume, and declared herself to be a wide fan of the self sustaining presidential candidate.

“I mean, come on, peep at this guy. What worm wouldn’t love this?” she urged Colin Jost. “He appears to be like love a pack of chicken thighs unnoticed within the sun. And verify out his face! He appears to be like love someone left Bruce Springsteen within the microwave too lengthy.”

Sherman poked fun at RFK’s anti-vax platform, saying that essentially the most interesting fragment of residing inside RFK’s body turn into true what number of diversified fun creatures had been residing there alongside with her. “RFK’s body turn into a worm’s paradise, k? No longer a single tumble of vaccine in request. My entire parasite posse spent time in there. Speak out to hookworm, botfly, that fish that swims up your pee circulation, and my man, Tom Sandoval.”

The worm also threw in a surprise shot at Kevin Spacey, who endorsed RFK Jr. on Monday and referred to him as a “steady buddy.” Sherman’s worm confessed that she turn into the one who ate the fragment of Spacey’s brain that “understood the be aware no.”

Sherman topped off the segment with a straight, sarcastic plea to the camera. “Good day, RFK, I leave out you. I leave out your body. I leave out that beef jerky face.”

Sliding fully precise into a seductive Marilyn Monroe impersonation, the worm urged RFK, “And in affirm for you me merit, meet me on the tip of the Empire Speak Building tonight. I’ll be there wearing my Marilyn Monroe costume, singing, ‘Delighted birthday, Mr. Future President.’”


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