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2023 technode drawl body of workers annual insights a entire year surprised by altman

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Show: The article was written byPenghui Li and translated byZinan Zhang.

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Prepare for the annual insights from TechNode Drawl Body of workers! The year 2023 shall be idea a number of groundbreaking year in the technology enviornment. As wrapping up this year, we gathered lots of insights from our speak material group. We’ll recent nine Q&As, with properly timed updates everyWednesday and Fridayin the following weeks!

This day, our Q&A comes from Penghui Li, reporter at TechNode.Penghuiis a tech reporter who specializes in the Southeast Asian VC Ecosystem and Corporations Going Foreign places.

1. Which firm has impressed you essentially the most in 2023?

Whether or no longer from the perspective of a netizen or a speak material creator, the generative AI craze sparked by ChatGPT over the total year has veritably appeared in my day-to-day existence. I have faith regularly current and actively began the exercise of such tools to enhance my work efficiency. I watch forward to extra surprises from this manufacture of technology.

2. Which firm has shocked you essentially the most in 2023?

It’s wonderful that VinFasta Vietnamese electrical automobile firm, undoubtedly delivered its first EV in 2023. This firm was essentially based in 2017, and the firm announced its transition from gas vehicles to electrical automobile manufacturing in 2021. In the 2nd half of 2022, I continuously seen linked info about the provision of its first automobile on Christmas Day that year on the opposite hand it was soundless delayed.

Before this, I have faith continuously had doubts about VinFast. Although I have faith seen too unheard of info about automobile manufacturing, it’s hard for me to have faith whether or no longer this young automobile firm can ruin vehicles as its pricing is benchmarked against Tesla, and its foremost aim market is also North The united states. As well, the industry has continuously referred to it because the “Vietnamese Tesla.” The mix of these accolades and repeated delays makes it laborious for contributors no longer to essentially feel that it’s a ways a script. On the opposite hand, VinFast has certainly been produced.

3. Which industry professional/entrepreneur/startup founder has left essentially the most profound influence on you in 2023?

Sam Altman. Before the recent conflicts internal ChatGPT and OpenAI this year, as I have faith a cramped curiosity in tokusatsu, “Ultraman” would extra namely consult with Tsuburaya’s Ultraman sequence in my recollections (Altman and Ultraman have faith a the same translation in China) On the opposite hand, after the ChatGPT and OpenAI controversies, the a huge different of Chinese translations of Altman’s name. I hope that he can have faith a consistent Chinese translation of his name.

4. What’s essentially the most memorable in a international nation match for you in 2023?

The upheaval in TikTok’s Indonesian e-commerce industry. What stands out to me is that, on the one hand, as a firm, TikTok’s influence extends a ways beyond our mature determining of a industry. On the opposite hand, taking a perceive at it from the perspective of a firm going world, there were essential adjustments when put next with simply introducing products and companies and products to in a international nation markets in the past.

On the opposite hand, for my share, when a startup regularly continues to mature and becomes a presence that industry insiders snoop on and even influence the convey of the industry, the issues it undertakes will regularly surpass each person’s imagination. At this level, deciphering these items purely from the perspective of lawful or immoral, or beautiful or defective, becomes moderately complex. From the standpoint of a speak material creator, this may possibly occasionally intention me undoubtedly feel an intangible rigidity.

5. Whenever you were to point out one essential industry pattern for each person to apply, what would or no longer or no longer it’s?

Corrupt-border Fee Linkage amongst Southeast Asian countries and between Southeast Asia and other regions. More namely, this motion is made up of a sequence of specific events over 23 years, in particular inappropriate-border payments and inappropriate-border transfers.

Before the pandemic, there were extensive teams of web site visitors and vacationers touring between Southeast Asian countries yearly. And because the outcomes of the pandemic have faith regularly passed, these movements have faith begun to come all but again. The benefit of cost will additional promote the transactional actions in these inappropriate-border behaviors. Almost every Southeast Asian nation would possibly have faith its QR code cost platform. If one story/one cell phone shall be aged in all countries, I have faith extra contributors can even birth this extra or less transaction habits.

From my perspective, I would point out that we focal level on the influence of this route of of increasing integration. After we mention Southeast Asia, it’s no longer laborious to grasp that the save is made up of many countries with lots of pattern paths and processes.

6. What industry buzzword have faith you encountered essentially the most in 2023?

Funding Chilly climate. Intuitively, our readers would possibly possibly moreover look that the funding reviews I’ve written in 2023 were vastly lowering when put next with the outdated two years.

7. Which phrase or sentence handiest summarizes your perspective on the enviornment you’ve been following in 2023?

“Encourage to the cheap fluctuate” for the tech VC in Southeast Asia.

I’ve heard this from Southeast Asia-focused investors over the last year. The Southeast Asian VC community was experiencing a convey in 2021 and the first half of 2022. In comparison, Southeast Asia is at demonstrate undergoing a “financing winter.” No matter being an “underrated save”, their performance in the past few years doesn’t seem to be a sustainable condition in the prolonged timeframe. On the trail of Southeast Asia’s “digital decade”, it has handiest achieved one-third of the boulevard.

8. What product/firm/technology/industry are you most taking a perceive forward to subsequent year?

Electric Vehicle/EV industry (every two and 4-wheeled). On the one hand, it comes from Southeast Asia’s ambition to turn out to be a regional hub for EVs. On the opposite hand, the Southeast Asia save is also hosting a convey in EVs going in a international nation in China.

9. Originate you suspect AI has the doubtless to threaten humanity?

Yes. My determining of the risk is to have faith a improper lift out. AI would possibly possibly moreover at demonstrate refer namely to AIGC, and the key motive that makes me undoubtedly feel threatened is the increasing presence of AI voices including harassing cell phone calls and video speak material AI studying speak. AI speak material, such because the articles which shall be turning into extra veritably produced by AI, ceaselessly appears to be like to be properly-written but is de facto uninformed or even immoral in its opinions. There are many of us that exercise AI assistants to debate factors with me.

I’m no longer announcing that AI answers are immoral, but in the case of accuracy, AI-generated speak material can without trouble be deceptive.

I also realize that AI is essentially a instrument, and the cost it may possibly actually add is dependent on the perspective of the contributors that exercise it. What I’m scared about has existed sooner than AIGC was created, though they’re more likely to turn out to be extra a huge different of and difficult to discern at some point soon.

Anyway, sooner than extra specific regulations and policies are finalized, this buzzword will lift extra room for imagination and pattern cost to the enviornment, and at the same time, this can even ruin unfavourable impacts that can’t be no longer renowned. As for the pain of AI occupying human jobs, I don’t maintain that’s what I’m able to stumble on on my own, and at least no longer in the speedy timeframe for my job, it doesn’t have faith that probability.


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