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YOURSAY | The younger will vote against these they blame for his or her woes

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YOURSAY | ‘Voters are sick and drained of Malaysian politics.’

Voice tank: Despite Harapan salvage in KKB, youthful voters prefer PN

Bswalks: Young folks are inclined to be anti-institution. When Pakatan Harapan and the “democratic groups” first pushed to lower the vote casting age, they had been within the opposition, so that gave the influence a ethical advice at the time.

When they turned the institution, the die became once forged and it turned guidelines.

There’s no such thing as a denying that the bulk of younger voters are bored stiff with the incompetence, cronyism, and corruption of old BN governments.

On the opposite hand, they are wary of DAP’s advantage-basically basically based system. Satirically, there may be now not a fairness or justice in a advantage-basically basically based system.

Golf, bowling, and obvious sports activities personal their obtain handicap systems. Even households address their younger in step with their ability.

Therefore, PAS appears to be like to be the logical probability, passing the responsibility of governing to a celebration dominated by religious strategies. Is this the kind of unpleasant concept?

A lot of the childhood, along with a 69-one year-mature non-Malay take care of me, attain now not personal the story that PAS will “Talibanise” the nation.

Our established establishments is now not going to stand for it. PAS members themselves will be divided.

Myviews: Bswalks, I daresay your diagnosis is inaccurate. Lowering the vote casting age to 18 is the excellent mistake of any authorities be it Harapan, Perikatan Nasional, or BN.

These younger voters may possibly even be without complications swayed and it has plenty to attain with the inaccurate schooling policies within the nation.


In declare for teenagers to vote upon reaching the age of 18, they must personal as a minimum long past through a system of schooling the assign they may be able to attain excessive pondering.

But the tutoring system on this nation is now not geared for that. The emphasis is on religion and the afterlife; now not on the merits of ethical and unpleasant.

The youths personal developed a crutch and dependency mentality. They’ll even be without complications swayed, especially when parties play the 3R cards.

At the 16th general election, we can absolutely peep PN profitable palms down as the youths are mostly from the majority bustle.

P Dev Anand Pillai: What we want to set apart is the inability of historical knowledge amongst the younger.

Most of our childhood are inclined to personal regardless of is mentioned on social media and the total functions, reels, and movies.

When they are jobless and personal to fight with their funds and the on a protracted-established foundation rigours of lifestyles, they will vote for oldsters that blame the authorities for all their woes.

When that celebration wins and forms a authorities and their lives haven’t improved, they will blame the contemporary authorities and vote for oldsters that blame the authorities over again. So it is a cycle.

What we want to stare is competent and willing leaders from the highest and the brightest being allowed to lead.

Now we personal got to win out of the quagmire of bustle and religion if we are to remain competitive. That may possibly handiest happen if we open to appear at knowledge.

GrayParrot9290: All these statistics are historical past now. Kuala Kubu Baharu is a shrimp constituency and does now not mirror the nationwide sentiment.

What matters now may possibly well be what Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and the coalition authorities will attain within the next three years to win succor the trust of the oldsters, especially the non-Malays.


Anwar has to this level failed miserably and does now not deserve the probability to preserve in vitality. The folks will settle within the next general election.

Milshah: This diagnosis by Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) is great. Kuala Kubu Baharu is semi-metropolis. I could possibly disclose most younger Malays from rural to semi-metropolis areas are pro-PN.

It goes to also now not be nervousness for DAP, as most of their seats are metropolis seats. On the opposite hand, this may possibly spell nervousness for Umno, whose seats are rural and semi-metropolis, focused on Malay voters.

If IDE’s findings are appropriate, Umno’s loss or wipeout within the next general election appears to be like to be on be aware.

MyMY: Maybe Harapan must personal better and more thrilling narratives posted on TikTok.

They moreover personal to educate our younger ones better about their responsibilities and the vitality of their votes.

Faculties personal to attain more to make them articulate outdoor the box and personal a mind of their obtain.

Undecided: I articulate the authorities finished all their objectives.

The prolong in Malay and Indian votes and toughen from the Chinese voters despite the total sadness over the paddle of reforms and Umno Formative years chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh’s divisive antics.

Lawful reveals the approval of M40 and B40 voters are these that depend if sustaining vitality is the arrangement.

Libra: Surely now not mind the put up-election analyses. Let us concept at the actuality on the bottom. It became once a Malay gentleman, PN’s Khairul Azhari Saut; and a Chinese lady Harapan’s Pang Sock Tao who had been contesting and the Chinese lady won.

So the Malays weren’t focused on the Malay candidate. Some folks residing of their obtain world don’t know there could be a grand disparity in wealth amongst Malays.

So don’t obtain feeding the personal-nots within the neighborhood the total time. It is better to coach them fish.

Because there will be more personal-nots within the slay, and they is now not going to peep issues through the bustle and religion lens.

Bustle and religion are points brought up by these chasing vitality.

Salvage Malaysia: I don’t articulate the self-discipline lies within the awareness of vote casting. Voters are doubtlessly sick and drained of Malaysian politics.

They doubtlessly feel their votes won’t make any distinction whether or now not the pronounce seat went to Harapan or PN.

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