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Prof Khalifa Dikwa, the Dean of Borno Elders Discussion board, has criticised the appointments made by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, asserting the purpose of curiosity on Lagos indigenes would no longer bode neatly for the nation.

Dikwa additionally accused the Tinubu administration of frightening Nigerians by introducing harsh insurance policies, urging the authorities to withdraw the present 0.5 per cent cybersecurity levy on digital transactions introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Professor Dikwa said, “Northern elite are no longer entirely delighted with Tinubu due to each and every of these insurance policies impacts the north fully. There is a self-discipline along with his appointments due to most of his appointees are both misfits or inclined or taken to the fallacious areas.

“One thing else ICT, finance, works were lopsided. It must no longer be northern elites alone, even people from the South-South and the South-East should be appointed. Nigeria is extra than Lagos Declare.”

He alleged that the Tinubu administration turned into being remote-controlled by institutions such because the Global Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

His words: “Every thing that can preserve impoverishing the unhappy Nigerians will preserve on coming. They’re interested by bringing Nigeria into disaster and lawlessness.

“Nigeria has reached a self-discipline the put if Nigeria has ample money even people who are no longer working will should believe given moneyin articulate tocontinue to exist. Here isa fallacioustiming.”