Politics tamfitronics Politics is too important to be left to the politicians - VP Shettima calls for collaboration between Government and private sector 1

Vice-President Kashim Shettima has called for collaboration between the government and business leaders.

He emphasized that this partnership is essential for economic growth and prosperity in Nigeria.

Shettima highlighted that open dialogue, shared insights, and joint efforts between the public and private sectors are crucial for developing solutions tailored to Nigeria’s unique challenges.

He made these remarks at the Heirs Holdings Group Directors’ Annual Summit Dinner in Abuja on Friday, calling for a synergy between the political class and economic stakeholders. He noted that these two spheres are not opposing forces but complementary ones, essential for national stability and progress.

“Politics is too important to be left to the politicians, and enterprises that define our economic destination are too important to be left to the businessmen alone to develop,” he said.

He urged conglomerates to serve as pipelines for the administration’s practical economic vision, departing from cosmetic reforms of the past.

“Collaboration between the public and private sectors is the ingredients of a thriving economy. We must engage in open dialogue and share insights and work together to crop solutions that are peculiar to our realities. Whether it is tackling unemployment, reducing poverty, or enhancing education and healthcare, our partnership must aspire to drive sustainable development and create a safe future for all Nigerians,” he added.