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What works simplest for insomnia and sleep apnoea? Mild treatment, sleeping capsules, CPAP machine or surgery?


There’s a revolution occurring within the bedrooms of power insomniacs and sleep apnoea sufferers in Australia – and its results can also originate you rethink the wretched sleep that you just deem you’re destined to dangle for the support of your life. Correct what causes you to toss and flip in mattress, or wake up at 4am, unable to return to sleep? Why possess you potentially can also very well be feeling admire you haven’t slept in months, even supposing you commonly hit the sack earlier than nighttime?

To resolve those overall sleep disorders, Flinders College’s sleep well being crew in Adelaide identified and uncovered 30 folk with varying degrees of sleeplessness to 2 months of personalized medical programs and monitored their progress. Tremendously, the findings can also change into the blueprint for sleep management in Australia.

The contributors’ trials and tribulations, along with those of medical journalist Michael Mosley, are captured in a recent BBC documentary. Titled Australia’s Sleep Revolution With Michael Mosley, the three-parter is premiering in Singapore on Can also 28 on the BBC channel. How will it influence the device you gaze your sleeplessness? Here’s a preview.


The analysis inspiring dispute of the art work medical and residential monitoring would possibly perhaps presumably perhaps presumably need been applied Down Beneath but sleeplessness is one thing that each person can declare to, comparable to participant Priyanka Vandersman’s spot. The scientist and mother of a baby shared that she chanced on it refined to tumble asleep every evening, and in most cases spent as a lot as four hours tossing and delivering mattress.

australias sleep revolution with michael mosley 01 026
Michael Mosley, the host of Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Michael Mosley, endures airway stress tests at the Flinders Sleep Lab. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd/Bec Taylor)

There changed into as soon as moreover Kate Hill, a mother and nurse student, who changed into as soon as about to embark on the next chapter in her career – and impending shift work at the health center didn’t bode well for this insomniac who has tried the entire lot, together with sleeping capsules. Comic Jon Brooks wasn’t joking when he stated he changed into as soon as bored stiff in persistently feeling low in energy and mood thanks to his COMISA, a double whammy of power insomnia and sleep apnoea.

Adam Vale, a father and Christian pastor, aloof couldn’t win a resolution for his extreme obstructive sleep apnoea or OSA, the commonest create of sleep apnoea, no matter the moderately drastic surgery he underwent. Sooner than signing up for the analysis, he’d had his tonsils, uvula and a third of the rotten of his tongue surgically eradicated.

And it’s now now not simplest Australians who’re feeling very sleepy. Shut to three in 10 Singaporeans are now now not happy with their sleep quantity and quality, specifically those prone forty five years and above, per the 2024 Global Sleep Glance from ResMed that alive to 36,000 worldwide contributors, of which, 1,000 dangle been from Singapore.

Sleep appears to elude the youthful population in Singapore as well. The identical look showed that 15 per cent of those from the 18-to-24-year-aged cohort had interrupted sleep ever since they’ll undergo in tips.

Lifestyle What are the indicators of insomnia, obstructive sleep apnoea and COMISA?

Chronic insomnia: You’ve got project falling asleep or staying asleep, no matter getting adequate opportunities to sleep, statedDr Leonard Eng, a psychiatrist with Singapore Overall Well being facility. The sleeplessness persists for at the least three days every week for at the least three months, and ends in issues with your mood, fatigue, memory and focus.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA): Your mattress accomplice complains of you loud night breathing loudly and has witnessed you choking or gasping in your sleep, stated Dr Eng. You journey excessive daytime sleepiness, non-restorative sleep or insomnia.

Co-morbid insomnia and sleep apnoea (COMISA):Indicators of every OSA and indream disorder, includeing worse sleep, daytime feature as well as physical and mental well being when compared to either disorder by myself.

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Other than the sleep look, the numbers from local analysis aren’t taking a ogle appropriate either: As many as 30 per cent of Singapore’s population has well-known sleep apnoea, while the power insomnia charges would possibly perhaps presumably even be between 10 per cent to fifteen per cent, stated Dr Leonard Eng, a consultant with Singapore Overall Well being facility’s Division of Psychiatry.

“We don’t dangle the local records on COMISA but it undoubtedly is the commonest co-morbidity for OSA sufferers and the commonest co-morbid sleep distress.”


The cumulative results of now now not catching at the least seven hours of sleep every evening is detrimental to well being. And we’re now now not only speaking about the flexibility to feature, focus and undergo in tips things as explored in an earlier documentary by Mosley. The prolonged-term power well being issues moreover pick on to be addressed.

“Sleep performs a undoubtedly well-known feature in immune feature and sleep deprivation can weaken the immune gadget,” stated Dr Eng. “It moreover disrupts the regulation of sugar levels, potentially ensuing in conditions admire diabetes. Furthermore, power sleep deprivation is connected to excessive blood stress, weight problems, and an elevated risk of stroke, heart disease and various serious well being conditions.”

australias sleep revolution with michael mosley 01 009
Adam Vale is wired up for his over-evening at the Flinders Sleep Lab. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd/Ian Routledge)

Despite the caring well being scenarios, the sleep look showed “a rather low diploma of awareness and prognosis with sleep-connected issues amongst Singaporeans”, stated Dr Adam Benjafield, ResMed’s vice president of medical affairs.

“Our watch published that 74 per cent of Singaporeans dangle by no manner consulted a health care provider for their sleep-connected issues,” stated Dr Benjafield. “Most efficient 5 per cent dangle been tested and identified with a snooze distress, out of which 15 per cent made up our minds to confirm out over-the-counter alternatives to strive in opposition to their sleep disorders.”


Within the documentary, the aim of the Australian multi-disciplinary crew of medical doctors, psychologists and scientists changed into as soon as to support the issues get at the least seven hours of sleep and 80 per cent sleep effectivity. Those with sleep apnoea aimed to preserve their respiratory stops fewer than 10 per hour.

And it wasn’t easy. Host Mosley reported that the first week felt admire “a fog of wretched sleep and fatigue”. Some of his fellow contributors obtained too tired and gave up by going to mattress earlier than they have to aloof or snuck in naps after they shouldn’t.

There dangle been nights when contributors comparable to Hill had simplest 2.5 hours of sleep. “It’s very lonely with insomnia,” she stated. “All people’s asleep and likewise you’re up all by your self. You get caught up with your maintain tips.” On the opposite hand, within the next weeks that followed, things started to gradually flip around.

australias sleep revolution with michael mosley 02 015
Extreme insomnia sufferer Kate Hill. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd)

The crew’s Associate Professor Sutapa Mukherjee, who carefully monitored the contributors’ well being and progress, wasn’t greatly surprised that “with regards to all” of the 30 volunteers dangle been within the kill “ready to meet those targets” and “overwhelmingly” felt greater at the cease of the eight-week length. “Essentially the most well-known ingredient changed into as soon as making an appropriate prognosis and offering appropriate treatment tailor-made to the particular person,” she stated in an email to CNA Everyday life.

However she cautioned in opposition to trying out the programs with out a health care provider’s prognosis as there would be bigger than one sleep distress at play. “The therapies aged pick on to be tailor-made to the particular person; it is miles now now not one measurement fits all,” she stated. “It desires to be combined with medical and analysis expertise to get the winning outcomes.”

australias sleep revolution with michael mosley 02 004
Associate Professor Sutapa Mukerjee opinions patient conditions with host Michael Mosley. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd)

Here’s a ogle at one of the well-known crucial programs talked about within the documentary:

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY FOR INSOMNIA (CBT-I): Among the well-known insomniacs, comparable to Mosley, Vanderman and Hill, dangle been urged to hotfoot to mattress grand later than they in most cases would (1am, for event), then wake up earlier, to limit their time spent in mattress.

It’ll also sound counter-intuitive but spending more time tossing and delivering mattress can also very well result in additional wakefulness, stated psychiatrist Dr Lim Boon Leng from Gleneagles Well being facility. “This trend limits the time spent in mattress to develop sleep pressure, and support sufferers tumble asleep more snappy and preserve asleep.”

CBT-I can range in its effectiveness but “it is fundamentally considered a highly effective treatment for insomnia”, stated Dr Lim, with many sufferers experiencing sustained enhancements. “Unfortunately, it is miles now now not very current as most of us get aggravated after they are now now not ready to sleep, are now now not too alive to to position within the danger to present a take to their sleep hygiene, and would moderately dangle a hasty repair for their insomnia.”

australias sleep revolution with michael mosley 01 008
Comic Jon Brooks talks about his sleep disorders with host Michael Mosley. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd/Ian Routledge)

LIGHT THERAPY: The analysis crew chanced on that Mosley’s insomnia changed into as soon as resulted in by a circadian clock that changed into as soon as earlier than time, that manner he changed into as soon as at his sleepiest at 1am as a change of 4am; and at 4am, his body changed into as soon as ready to wake up. By exposing him to colorful gentle till 11pm every evening, it would support to reset his circadian clock later.

Curiously, the documentary published that the body’score temperature is a marker of your body clock: When your core temperature is at its lowest, you’re at your sleepiest. So, if you pick on to sleep between 11pm and 7am, your core temperature desires to be registering its lowest around 4am.

The behind shiftstated Dr Eng, would possibly perhaps presumably even be aided with low doses of melatonin medication and is personalized to the patient’s condition. “For any individual with a refined sleep piece disorder, shall we embrace, we can develop his exposure to gentle within the evenings and gradually lengthen his bedtime by an hour every few days or every week.”

Australia's Sleep Revolution With Michael Mosley 03 008
Priyanka Vandersman carrying her “retimer” glasses to develop morning gentle and shift her body clock befriend into the usual range. (Photograph: Artemis Media Pty Ltd/Ian Routledge)

MANDIBULAR ADVANCEMENT DEVICE: No longer each person identified with OSA, comparable to Vale, changed into as soon as alive to to confirm out the power certain airway stress or CPAP machine (more on that in a while). However he changed into as soon as game to present the customised mandibular advancement instrument a hotfoot. Passe within the midst of sleep, the mouthguard-admire instrument helped to push the jaw ahead and shunned the tongue from falling befriend and obstructing the airway within the midst of sleep.

The oral instrument, stated Dr Tay Hin Ngan with ENT Head & Neck Thyroid Sleep Robotic Surgical treatment at Mount Elizabeth Medical Cen tre, is mostly more fitted to gentle to moderate OSA because the obstruction in most cases “occurs at the tender palate or at the befriend of the tongue in a entrance-to-befriend and now now not a aspect-to-aspect manner”. However in those with extreme OSA, there can also be“circumferential collapse of the airway, extreme nasal obstruction and/or mouth respiratory”, which wouldn’t originate the instrument a appropriate preference.

Other caveats: You pick on to dangle appropriate gum well being and aminimum of six to 10 wholesome enamel on every upper and lower jaw to preserve the instrument in space, stated Dr Phua Chu Qin, a consultant with Sengkang Overall Well being facility’s Otolaryngology (ENT). Those with a formidable gag reflex or jaw joint anxiousness and distress would possibly perhaps presumably perhaps presumably now now not be factual.

POSITIONAL THERAPY: The sleep apnoea sufferers amongst the contributors dangle been asked to wear a buzzer at the befriend of their necks within the midst of sleep. The instrument would set off when it detected that the user changed into as soon as lying on his befriend for too prolonged – and persisted to buzz till the user turned.

“Sleeping in your aspect as a change of your befriend can also support cease the collapse of the airway,” stated Dr Phua. “This create of treatment is functional for sufferers with positional sleep apnoea, the build their loud night breathing and apnoea events are reduced after they lie on the aspect.”

Stopping veil time an hour earlier than mattress can give you 20 minutes of additional sleep.

CONTINUOUS POSITIVE AIRWAY PRESSURE (CPAP) MACHINE: In sleep medication, the CPAP machine is considered the gold long-established treatment for OSA and for appropriate motive. Dr Phua cited the instance of a patient who would cease respiratory as many as 144 times an hour earlier than the use of the machine; that quantity dropped to 2.8 times an hour thereafter. “It would possibly perhaps presumably perhaps support normalise the patient’s sleep apnoea index the build numerous varied treatment alternatives failed.”

Dr Phua sees an sensible of 600 to 700 prescriptions for CPAP machines yearly at Sengkang Overall Well being facility’s Sleep Unit.However now now not each person, together with the documentary’s contributors, seems ahead to carrying a conceal linked to a machine by a tube to sleep.

Of direction, a watch by Singapore Overall Well being facility well-known that the one-year compliance rate changed into as soon as simplest 52.6 per cent, that manner virtually half of the sufferers are now now not receiving passable treatment for OSA, stated Dr Eng.

istock 629586444
(Photograph: iStock/cherrybeans)

SLEEPING PILLS: Although now now not explored within the documentary, the use of sleep medication changed into as soon as an option that Hill had tried earlier than. Her self-discipline of changing into reckoning on the capsules and the morning-after grogginess stopped her from continuing.

Most continuously, sleeping capsules are suggested for temporary use and are fundamentally prescribed for moderate to extreme insomnia, stated Dr Lim. “The duration for which they are prescribed in most cases does now now not exceed a pair of weeks to preserve a long way off from dependence,” he stated. “As such, it is a necessity to dangle a holistic manner and now now not only rely on sleep aids.”

Even the nightly use of melatonin supplements desires to be questioned. “It’s fundamentally safe for temporary use but the prolonged-term results, with use beyond three months, are much less well understood,” stated Dr Lim.

istock 1133787163
(Photograph: iStock/nito100)

SURGERY:Vale’s prior surgery, which he talked about within the documentary, can also seem improper to some but per Dr Tay, it is “moderately commonly performed on its maintain or as part of multilevel surgery in OSA sufferers, who’re unable to tolerate CPAP treatment”.

“The elimination of part of the tongue rotten is a grand rarer surgery,” he stated. “In Singapore, right here is performed the use of a surgical robot thru the mouth. It is functional for sufferers with sizable tonsils at the befriend of the tongue and a plump tongue rotten.” Per Dr Tay, the general success rate of surgery for OSA is around 60 per cent to 70 per cent. “However over time, with age-connected adjustments and weight scheme, the obstruction can also recur.”

Other than tissue elimination, surgery can also be aged to vow the jaw ahead and enlarge the upper airway, stated Dr Phua. In most cases, surgically implanting a diminutive instrument within the chest to produce electrical stimulation to the nerve that activates the tongue can also be performed. “This stimulation can also support protrude the tongue and tender palate, thereby reducing airway collapse within the midst of sleep,” she stated.


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