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New Hope Products and companies: Safe profit margin attributable to the parent Company turn out to be 17.1% in 2023, annual dividend payout ratio reached 60%


HONG KONG, Mar 25, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – New Hope Carrier Holdings Miniature (New Hope Carrier or the Company, Stock Code: 3658), an integrated property management endeavor partaking within the provision of everyday life service alternate choices, launched its annual results for the year ended 31 December 2023 (the Reporting Length).

In 2023, New Hope Carrier targeted on advantageous areas, persisted in qualitative enlargement, and achieved top quality enlighten in core performance indicators by tapping into elevated profits thru commercial operational companies and everyday life companies. At some point soon of the Reporting Length, the Community recorded income of roughly RMB1,260.7 million, representing an amplify of 10.7% as when put next with the same interval preferrred yearï¼›Erroneous profit turn out to be roughly RMB440 million, and mistaken profit margin turn out to be 34.9%. Safe profit margin attributable to the parent Company turn out to be 17.1%, remaining at mid-to-high stage. In the meantime, the Company has bolstered operations and lean management, yielding profit attributable to equity shareholders of the Company amounting to roughly RMB215 million, and standard earnings per part RMB0.26, an amplify of 6% over the same interval preferrred year. The Board suggested price of a remaining dividend of RMB0.091 per part, with an intervening time dividend of RMB0.067 per part, for a total annual dividend of RMB0.158 per part, connected to a dividend payout ratio of 60%. As on the end of the Reporting Length, the Company’s salvage cash float from running actions climbed by 87.1% towards the same interval preferrred year to roughly RMB335 million, reflective of the healthy operation and extensive cash float of the Company.

Tap into local needs and point of interest on advantageous areas

New Hope Carrier persisted to practice the event draw of deep regional penetration. As at 31 December 2023, the Community had initiatives in 33 cities across China, with the dwelling underneath management 32,258,000 square meters (“sq.m.”), representing an amplify of 11.9% as when put next with the same interval preferrred year, and the gotten smaller dwelling of 38,172,000 sq.m., representing an amplify of 5.6% as when put next with the same interval preferrred year. Amongst them, 95.1% of the Community’s property management initiatives had been in first-tier, fresh first-tier and second-tier cities in China, while 93.8% of income from property management turn out to be furthermore derived from such cities.

As neatly as, New Hope Carrier persisted to step up its efforts in high-tier cities within the Southwestern China regions with Chengdu as the core, and Jap China regions, each and each of which accounted for 85.3% of the entire dwelling underneath management, with the advantage of regional depth persevering with to emerge. Particularly, the dwelling underneath management within the Southwestern China situation turn out to be 16,918,000 sq.m., and the income from property management turn out to be RMB310 million, accounting for 47.4% of the entire income from property management. As the nationwide central city within the Western China situation, the dwelling underneath management in Chengdu turn out to be 10,642,000 sq.m., accounting for 33% of the entire dwelling underneath management; The dwelling underneath management within the Jap China situation turn out to be 10,628,000 sq.m., and the income from property management turn out to be RMB250 million, accounting for 37.9% of the entire income from property management.

Train on quality enlargement and toughen self sustaining ability

The Company insisted on balancing “quality” and “scale”, and persisted to habits multi-channel market enlargement via, among a host of draw, bidding, establishing joint ventures and strategic partnership. In 2023, the firm successfully achieved the acquisition of Chengdu Jinguan Xincheng Property Administration Co., Ltd., successfully expanded high-end residential initiatives a lot like Sunshine Metropolis Tan Yue and Binjiangjiuli, monetary commerce initiatives a lot like China Guangfa Bank Kunming Division* and China Building Bank Sichuan Division Xinjin and Dayi Sub-division, and industrial park initiatives a lot like Chantou Jiangnan Industrial Park and Vipshop Guangxi Headquarters*. In the meantime, New Hope Carrier established joint endeavor with Chengdu Wuhou Articulate-owned Capital Funding and Operation Community Co., Ltd., Chengdu Wuhou Trend Co., Ltd., Chengdu Wuhou Capital Funding Administration Community Co., Ltd, and Longquan Financial and Technological Trend Zone respectively, and successfully signed contracts for initiatives a lot like Shuanghua Digital Industrial Park and Tiefo Park. At some point soon of the Reporting Length, the gotten smaller dwelling underneath management by self sustaining third-occasion builders accounted for roughly 40% of the entire gotten smaller dwelling, representing an amplify of 6.2% as when put next with the same interval preferrred year.

Furthermore, benefitted from New Hope Wuxin Industrial’s barely robust performance ability, the Company delivered initiatives as scheduled in 16 cities nationwide, amounting to nearly 37,000 items in total, and brought the Company concrete enhance for staunch enlighten by draw of GFA underneath management.  Sticking to preserve the quality of middle-to-high-end initiatives, the Company recorded the usual management fee per sq.m. of RMB2.95 all the draw in which thru the Reporting Length.

Non-cyclical corporations are steadily rising and commercial operations are delivering performance results

By advantage of the industrial background of the Fortune World 500 New Hope Community and relying on the consumer-fetch exact of entry to attributes of property companies, the Company achieved true performance enlighten within the draw in which of living companies segment thru non-cyclical corporations a lot like group-on meals and retail companies. As at 31 December 2023, the Company had 22 group-on meal commerce initiatives in operation, of which 50% fell within the comprehensive logistics companies of “property + group-on meal”, reaching a expose winning fee of 42%. In the same year, personalized companies for corporate customers furthermore achieved true results, a total of 24 merchandise developed and bigger than 110,000 personalized gift containers equipped, with the income from gift containers increasing by 56.4% in contrast with the same interval preferrred year.

By draw of economic operational companies, in 2023, in discuss in confidence to meet the needs of commerce development, the Company established a commercial operation firm with its organization developed around “financing, funding, management and exit”. At some point soon of the Reporting Length, the GFA from running commercial initiatives underneath management by the Community turn out to be roughly 539,000 sq.m., in cities a lot like Chengdu and Kunming overlaying consumption scenarios a lot like skilled markets, commercial streets, industrial parks and space of job buildings, with a median occupancy fee of 87.8%, a mistaken profit margin of 60.2%.

With popular development, commerce-leading service quality and buyer recognition, New Hope Carrier has been rated as one in every of the “TOP 100 Property Administration Corporations in China” by China Index Academy (“CIA”) for four consecutive years, with the ranking of the Company rising as a lot as the 6th (tenth in 2022) by draw of the market impact in Western China. In the meantime, the firm won the honors in conjunction with “Prime 1 Chengdu Enterprise with Shapely Carrier Ability in China Property Carrier Change in 2023” and “Prime 5 of the Prime 50 Chengdu Property Products and companies Enterprises by draw of Whole Energy in 2023.

Going forward, the Community will proceed to spice up digital construction to empower top quality companies and the event of management efficiency. By draw of residential commerce, the Community will consolidate its space as a benchmark for high-end residential initiatives, and empower a host of initiatives with high service requirements. By draw of non-residential commerce, based entirely on the all-spherical planning for corporate companies, the Community will proceed to accomplish B-end customers with intensive corporate companies, precisely overlaying the needs of diverse corporations at a host of phases of development. The Community will adhere to regional cultivation, with market-oriented enlargement as neatly as investments, mergers and acquisitions, in discuss in confidence to expedite the event of the Company. In the long scurry, New Hope Carrier will facilitate the connection with New Hope Community, and drill down into New Hope’s designate strengths in everyday life in discuss in confidence to produce the purchasers varied comprehensive alternate choices for everyday life companies.

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