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Xinhua Silk Freeway: Four many years on, E China’s Lianyungang sees huge leaps forward amid high-stage opening-up, Enterprise Details

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business new tamfitronics Xinhua Silk Freeway: Four many years on, E China's Lianyungang sees huge leaps forward amid high-stage opening-up

PUBLISHED ONApril 30, 2024 11:41 AM

BEIJING, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — An interview event used to be held in Lianyungang City of east China’sJiangsu Province from April 26 to 30 to hunt down out about the city’s gargantuan construction over the last 40 years cashing in on China’s reform and opening up.

business new tamfitronics Photo supplied by Lianyungang
Photo supplied by Lianyungang

Since becoming one in every of the key coastal cities that advances opening up in 1984, Lianyungang has made huge leaps forward from a standard agricultural city to a coastal industrial city, a national total transportation hub, and a magnificent and civilized city.

Over the final 40 years, Lianyungang’s regional GDP has grown from 2.36 billion yuan in 1984 to 436.36 billion yuan at present, an keep bigger of 185 cases.

For the length of the same length, the earnings of city and rural residents in the city has risen from 604 yuan and 462 yuan to 43,769 yuan and 24,411 yuan respectively. In 2023, the per capita disposable earnings of all residents in Lianyungang reached 35,983 yuan.

Town has improved and upgraded the industrial construction, marking the transition from traditional agriculture to port substitute and high-tech industries.

For the past four many years, cargo throughput at Lianyungang has elevated from 9 million tonnes to 320 million tonnes. The ChinaEurope and China-Central Asia freight trains departed from the city obtain made 16,000 trips, ranking the key in the province.

The free substitute zones and total bonded zones in the city obtain developed mercurial, with the reasonable annual boost rate of import and export of total bonded zones exceeding 40 percent. Town has change into one in every of the ideal portals for the Central Asian international locations and the central and western substances of Chinahandling more than 80 percent of Kazakhstan’s transit cargo to China.

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