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ECOPRO BM has taken a license from CAMX POWER to the most fashionable GEMX® platform of cathode active enviornment fabric for lithium-ion batteries, Alternate News

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LEXINGTON, Mass., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ECOPRO BM of Korea and CAMX Energy LLC (CAMX) of Massachusetts whine that ECOPRO BM has received a non-uncommon intellectual property license beneath CAMX’s GEMX® platform of nickel-basically basically basically based high-energy, high-vitality, low-cobalt cathode active offers for exhaust in lithium-ion batteries, especially for electric autos (EVs).

The GEMX® platform is basically basically basically based on basic inventions of CAMX for which more than 30 patents were granted globally, including the US, EU, Korea, Japan and China. The GEMX inventions, by molecular engineering, situation cobalt, aluminum, and heaps others. at the well-known places of the cathode particles ensuing in the exhaust of less cobalt, yet with increased stability, bigger efficiency and decrease tag for all classes of nickel-basically basically basically based cathode offers including high-manganese.  Its spinoff products were branded as gNMC®gNMCA®gNCA®and gLNO®.

“Cathode offers are the basic enablers of lithium-ion batteries and their most pricey facet. Handiest a handful of companies one day of the globe can and make present this well-known enviornment fabric, with ECOPRO BM being a main one. CAMX is privileged that ECOPRO BM has added the GEMX platform to its portfolio of battery technology picks,” acknowledged Dr. Kenan SahinFounder and President of CAMX.

“With ECOPRO BM becoming a member of Umicore, L&F, LGES, EV Metals, and Samsung SDI as licensees of GEMX, this multi-product cathode platform becomes more central to cathodes. As one more of making an try manufacturing ourselves, CAMX, by license agreements love these can include its inventions without observe and more broadly practically about market for the revenue of society,” persisted Sahin.


ECOPRO BM Co., LTD (KRX : 247540) is an global-class firm which leads the high-capacity cathode active enviornment fabric (CAM) market at dwelling and in one more nation basically basically basically based on its success in rising and mass-producing high-nickel CAM for the principle time in Korea.  Its main products are high-nickel NCA and NCM with a nickel articulate of more than 80%, and it is the correct firm in Korea that produces the above two sorts of CAM simultaneously.

In most fashionable years, ECOPRO BM has expanded its product portfolio to incorporate mid- to low-priced CAM akin to high-voltage mid-nickel, Co-free NM, OLO, LFP and SIB to meet the many wants of the market.  Also, it has been taking proactive administration activities to preempt the market by increasing domestic and international manufacturing capacity and reducing funding costs per unit.

As successfully as to CAM, ECOPRO BM has been actively rising silicon-basically basically basically based anode active offers and solid electrolytes, as other main substances of batteries, with the aim of mass-manufacturing.

As such, ECOPRO BM strives to present the very superb quality battery offers to our possibilities by continuous technological innovation and expansion of producing capacity to preserve tempo with the altering market atmosphere.

For more recordsdata, please search the recommendation of with www.ecoprobm.com

About CAMX Energy

CAMX Energy LLC, headquartered shut to Boston, Massachusettsis without doubt some of the superb fair lithium-ion battery enviornment fabric and kind entities in the U.S.

CAMX operates a pattern-purposed lithium-ion battery enviornment fabric synthesis facility coupled with a cathode manufacturing pilot plant for scalability demonstration, and kind-purposed improved cell making facilities.

We veteran early-stage technologies to be de-risked, IP-stable and scaled-up or scale up prepared; then license them, with deep technology transfer, to substantial manufacturing partners for them to extend, kind and promote these technologies, achieving increased, quicker influence for the betterment of society and the atmosphere.

Its flagship offer is GEMX Cathode Platform (GEMX-CP) which improves all nickel basically basically basically based cathodes thus greatly enhancing emobility™ and eportability™ energy storage offers by the main cell and enviornment fabric makers. In 2020, GEMX became licensed by Samsung SDI now practising it extensively. In 2022, LG Energy Resolution (LGES), commanding practically a fourth of the global cell market, licensed GEMX. In 2023, L&F of Korea, a main global producer and key supplier to LGES, Tesla and others, and Umicore, the market chief and the JV accomplice to VW’s PowerCo took licenses for the updated GEMX patent portfolio. For more recordsdata, please search the recommendation of with: www.camxpower.com

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