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WMO India chief brings honour to the community, is all praise for PM Modi

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MUMBAI: President (India chapter) of

World Memon Organisation

(WMO) Haseen Aghadi is being feted for bringing honour and prestige to the

Memon community

Aghadi was among hundreds of guests at

swearing-in ceremony


Narendra Modi

as the Prime Minister for the third term recently in Delhi. Earlier, Aghadi also attended a meeting of a group of eminent Muslims with

PM Modi

in Delhi when the latter sent a shawl to Ajmer Sharif Dargah and sought blessings.
“I have been privileged to personally meet the PM at one occasion (meeting of eminent minority leaders) and be a guest at his swearing in ceremony for the third term as PM. It brings honour to the entire Memon community,” said Aghadi.
He added that in a democracy no leader should be untouchable and a community must be open to dialogues and debates if it wants to progress. “We congratulate the PM for leading the country to greater heights,” he said.

Haji Mudassar Patel, Mumbai President of World Memon Organisation, lauded Aghadi for leading the community to a better future. He also appreciated the PM and said a fellow Gujarati had become the PM third time in a row.
“It is proud moment for all Memons that head of our India chapter was invited to the PM’s swearing in function. I feel proud also as a Gujarati because Modiji comes from Gujarat. We wish him huge success in bringing more glory to our great country,” said Patel.
Originally from Gujarat, the Memons are primarily a business community and are spread across the world. They have contributed immensely to Mumbai’s and India’s growth with their entrepreneurship skills and philanthropic activities. They have built mosques, hospitals, musfirkhanas and educational institutions.


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