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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Denounces Biden for Not Taking Questions about Gaza While Addressing Baltimore Bridge Crumple | Video

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President Biden addressed the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on Tuesday in a speech introduced to newshounds on the White Home. Nonetheless his words weren’t adequate for Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, who denounced the president for no longer taking questions on Gaza for the length of the event.

The conservative news host faulted Biden namely for refusing to acknowledge to questions about Israel’s looming militia action on the southern Gazan city of Rafah, where hundreds and hundreds of americans are sheltering with nowhere else to head.

“I consider to point this out, though, because I consider this goes to be the line that’s remembered on the unusual time,” Faulker began. “‘I manufacture no longer consider time to talk relating to the Rafah crossing,’” she acknowledged, quoting Biden. “I manufacture no longer consider time to discuss Rafah. I present you, those 110,000 or so uncommitted votes correct thru Michigan and Minnesota? Are they listening?”

“Right here is politics for this man,” she acknowledged. “You don’t consider time to talk relating to the one ingredient where other folks are protesting you? Fabulous. I do understand it’s no longer ‘on point,’ however he solutions questions your whole time.”

Faulkner additionally pointed out that Biden’s response to Baltimore is “so diversified than how East Palestine, Ohio, used to be handled,” in reference to the 2023 practice derailment town is restful attempting to enhance from.

“You had an untold amount of victims from that,” Faulker acknowledged. “From the initial chemical explosion to the water being injurious to contamination within the air, it’s doubtless you’ll maybe well smell it, it’s doubtless you’ll maybe well style it.”

Faulkner added that Biden excellent visited the positioning for the first time in February 2024, a fat year later. “So expeditiously he’s going to disappear to Baltimore, expeditiously he did now not disappear to East Palestine,” she acknowledged.

See the section from Fox News within the video above.

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