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Discovery of the sunken USS Extra difficult, a current US Navy submarine from World War II

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The ruin of 1 in all the most storied US Navy submarines of World War II has been display cowl in the South China Sea eight a long time after its remaining patrol, the Navy’s History and Heritage Mumble mentioned.

The united statesMore difficult lies underneath about 900 metres of water off the northern Philippine island of Luzon, sitting simply and intact with the exception of for ruin in the support of its conning tower from a Eastern depth rate, the NHHC mentioned in an announcement.

Extra difficult turned into once misplaced in struggle on August 24, 1944, on the side of its complete crew of 79 submariners, while on its sixth patrol of the battle, as the US sought to retake the Philippines from occupying Eastern forces.

US Navy archive picture of USS Extra difficult. (: Naval History and Heritage Mumble through CNN )

“Extra difficult turned into once misplaced in the course of victory. We must always no longer forget that victory has a brand, as does freedom,” NHHC Director Samuel J. Cox, a retired US Navy admiral, mentioned in the clicking free up.

In line with a US Navy historical previous, Extra difficult sank two Eastern escort ships off the Bataan Peninsula on August 22, 1944, and then headed north along the Luzon hobble with two other subs in the hunt for more targets.

In a struggle with Eastern escort ship CD-22 on the morning of August 24, Extra difficult fired three torpedoes that ignored and turned into once later sunk by the Eastern ship’s fifth depth rate attack, per Eastern records cited by NHHC.

The NHHC mentioned the ruin of the Extra difficult turned into once confirmed by records supplied by the Lost 52 Mission, an effort led by Tim Taylor, CEO of Tiburon Subsea, to search out the 52 US subs misplaced in World War II.

Top Stories Tamfitronics Tim Taylor/The Lost 52 Mission/US Navy/CNN
4D photogrammetry model of USS Extra difficult (SS 257) ruin suppose by The Lost 52 Mission. The Lost 52 Mission scanned the complete boat and stitched the complete photos together in a multi-dimensional model aged to see and detect the spark off Luzon, Philippines. (Tim Taylor/The Lost 52 Mission/US Navy/CNN )

The personnel has previously positioned at least six WWII subs, the NHHC mentioned.

“We’re grateful that Lost 52 has given us the chance to once again honour the valour of the crew of the ‘Hit ’em Extra difficult’ submarine,” the NHHC’s Cox mentioned, in reference to the vessel’s motto.

The NHHC mentioned the ruin is “the final resting set up of living of Sailors that gave their existence in defence of the nation and is at chance of be revered by all events as a battle grave.”

The Philippines turned into once a US territory attacked by Japan fair staunch after its strike on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

By the spring of 1942, US and Philippine forces on Luzon surrendered to Tokyo’s forces and Japan aged the captured archipelago to guard its supply traces from the East Indies and Southeast Asia.

But by mid-1944, the US turned into once rolling support Eastern positive aspects across the Pacific, and turned into once planning landings to enact the identical in the Philippines.

Extra difficult, which had the motto of “Hit ’em Extra difficult,” turned into once captained by Cmdr. Samuel Dealey, who may perhaps perhaps perhaps well be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, the US defense force’s highest ornament, for his actions in Extra difficult’s fifth patrol, from March to July 1944.

Throughout that time Extra difficult sank three Eastern destroyers with another two likely destroyed or heavily damaged over the course of fair staunch four days, per the Nationwide Medal of Honor Museum.


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The museum’s page on Dealey described one in particular harrowing bump into.

Coming underneath attack from a Eastern destroyer, Dealey ordered a head-on torpedo shot on the bow of the charging enemy, is named a “down the throat” shot, per the museum myth.

“At 1,500 yards, Dealey fired three torpedoes and ordered the sub to dive. Because the Extra difficult passed 80 toes underneath the destroyer, two of the torpedoes struck the ship, sending shock waves through the submarine.”

On its first four patrols after commissioning on December 2, 1942, Extra difficult sank 14 Eastern warships and merchant vessels, per the Medal of Honor Museum.


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