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Kaduna schoolchildren: It’s no longer crucial if ransom was paid or no longer — Gov Sani

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Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna Verbalize has emphasised that the controversy surrounding the ransom rate for the free up of the abducted Kuriga students holds no significance.

Speaking on Channel Tv’s Sunday Politics, Governor Sani highlighted that the paramount anguish is the protected return of the kids, which has been completed with out damage.

The students had been abducted from LEA Main College and Government Secondary College, Kuriga, approximately four weeks ago. Nonetheless, the Defence Headquarters announced their winning rescue on Saturday. Addressing speculations of ransom rate, Governor Sani brushed apart such claims, striking forward the main point of interest must be on the kids’s protected return.

He mentioned, “What is more crucial at the present time is that our kids are lend a hand dwelling. Most of these diversifications are no longer important. If your limited one is kidnapped, will you be sitting down and talking about how he was launched?” Governor Sani emphasised the joyous reunion of the kids with their households, brushing apart exterior speculations as irrelevant.

Governor Sani additional disclosed that the federal government handled the abduction discreetly to safeguard the lives of the harmless children. He reiterated the federal government’s dedication to guaranteeing the safety and neatly-being of its citizens, brushing apart attempts to politicize the incident.

Clarifying the variety of abducted students, Governor Sani mentioned that 137, no longer 287, children had been taken on March 7, 2024. Nonetheless, he emphasised that the actual number was inconsequential when compared with the protected return of the kids.

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