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Exclaim Tinubu, Ondo Stammer Is Exasperated!

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What is politics? In step with Professor Harold Lass- effectively, politics is “who gets what, when, how”. In other phrases, politics is de facto about the allocation of resources. Resources are horror nonetheless wants are many, a long way bigger than on hand re- sources can take care of at any deadline.

In financial terms, inquire of outstrips provide; so, some wants would perchance be met while others would perchance be denied or postponed. The principle accountability of the authorities is to allocate resources: How mighty would perchance be allocated to de- fence, to training, to the provision of infrastructure, to vitality provide, etc.

Will salaries and pensions be paid as when due, will there be coaching, for what class of officers and at what price? Will there be a wage assessment, when and what quantum of increment? In deciding “who gets what, when (and) how”, other folks that accomplish the resolution place of residing priorities, us- ing differing parameters: national pastime; pastime of the poor and downtrodden; their dangle selfish and non-public interests; primordial interests equivalent to ethnicity, faith, social space or stratification; political concerns, amongst others.

So, in overall, the nearer you are to those in energy, the extra are your probabilities of getting values allocated to you or your interests. Those in the corridors of energy earnings extra from the privileges the authorities dispenses than other folks which can perhaps perhaps perchance be a long way a long way from it. It be a must to belong, as they enlighten, to raise half in the sharing of the spoils of office. The dividends of democracy may perchance perchance perhaps well also moreover be discriminatory! At the present time, in Nigeria, now we comprise a recent Sheriff in town: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He came to town with recent faces, as it had been; a recent place of residing of girls and men who now call the photos in quite tons of sectors of our national life.

Ladies and men who had been nobody yesterday are the Very Well-known Personalities of presently time. Alongside side their most major, they are those who, presently time, accomplish the decisions of “who gets what, when, how” They’ll identify to favour or marginalize you. They’ll give or grunt you your dues.

For other folks that invent no longer belong of their circles, you might perhaps perhaps handiest glimpse the largesse they dispense waltz its components spherical you and land on any individual else’s lap. Or they would perhaps perhaps perchance also identify to drag it over your head for one other particular person to get. You may perchance perchance perhaps perhaps well perchance also identify to worm your components into their heart by whatever components capacity. You may perchance perchance perhaps perhaps well perchance also moreover identify to lie low and enable even this to cross.

Nothing lasts without end! Where are yesterday’s tough girls and men? Where is Muhammadu Buhari and his all-worthy coterie of cabals? They are all girls and men of yesterday. They’ve all misplaced energy, relevance and glamour. A limited bit overtime and presently time’s girls and men of energy may perchance perchance also be half of them. As Zik told Ukpabi Asika, “No condition is permanent”! And nothing lasts without end! For the umpteenth time, my other folks of Ondo Stammer are complaining of being marginalized by President Tinubu.

The principle time modified into when the president selected his ministers, provider chiefs and the pillars of his administration. My Ondo enlighten other folks had been miffed that folks that did no longer contribute as mighty as they did to the making of the Tinubu Adminis- tration got a long way bigger than Ondo Stammer that contributed a long way extra. By components of the number of positions given and the significance and relevance of those positions, Ondo Stammer believed it modified into marginalized. A form of them complained to me. Write it, they commanded me! But we advised restraint and lodging. Let’s give the president one other chance! Let’s enable him time and peace of suggestions to set up down and derive the levers of energy and the reins of office in both hands.

One 365 days later, Tinubu’s ice has refused to thaw; his coconut leaves, as a substitute of soften, comprise gotten extra toughened. This is what my Ondo Stammer other folks are seeing, and announcing, with the sizzling Board appointments announced by Tinubu. It did no longer raise any other folks mighty time sooner than affixing Stammer of foundation to the 550 Board appointments rolled out by the president.

In step with them, Ondo Stammer got handiest six whereas Osun enlighten got 22. Why zero in on Osun? I’d comprise loved to look them reel out the allocation to other states. But why Osun is no longer a long way to salvage. Osun is Tinubu’s purported enlighten of foundation.

In the closing presidential election, he misplaced that enlighten and, by the map, also the Lagos Stammer that he claims, to both Atiku Abubakar’s PDP and Peter Obi’s Labour Gain collectively respectively; nonetheless he won Ondo enlighten handsomely with a princely 68% of the votes solid. But both Lagos and Osun, two disasters, comprise benefited extra in the case of appointments from the Tinubu administration than Ondo that gave its all. Why? Why is failure being rewarded while success is being derided?

And I remembered the avenue football we played as younger other folks called “work-andeat”. To work for others to devour is a curse. Isaiah 65:22 says: “They shall no longer diagram and one other inhabit; they shall no longer plant and one other devour… My elect shall prolonged revel in the work of their hands”. Ondo enlighten and its other folks want deliverance from the curse of working for others to devour! One of many posts I got reads: “Osun, 22; Ondo, 06.

The adaptation is obtrusive (like) 7UP! Who did we offend? What is our offence? Why the discrimination? Why the oppres- sion? Why the shortchange? These and various extra questions we seek knowledge from Tinubu and the APC management (and) other folks (APC leaders) like Chief Pius Akinyelure, Ambassador Sola Iji, our indispensable senators, participants of the Dwelling of Representa- tives, Honourable minister, etc. Ondo Stammer won (the presidential election for Tinubu/APC) with the perfect number of votes (68%).

We got 6 over 550 of the Board appointments while Osun enlighten that misplaced the election modified into rewarded with 22 over 550. Where did we procure it unsuitable? Who did we offend? Where is the justice in APC’s motto and slogan? Well, time will uncover!” I modified into sarcastic in my response to the complainant: “Gain an Ondo enlighten particular person to was president! Furthermore, procure the Ondo enlighten indigenes who are conclude to Tinubu to push more difficult for the Stammer and no longer be selfconscious on my own. If Aketi had been alive, it most almost certainly would were different. Aiyedatiwa does no longer comprise the identical impact Aketi had on Tinubu.

Besides, he (Aiyedatiwa) is too engrossed in his dangle survival fight to comprise the time to lobby for political appointments for anyone. When Buhari modified into president, Daura and Katsina benefited bigger than other cities or states in the North. Ditto Jonathan’s time as president. Obasanjo, for obtrusive reasons, benefited the Igbo bigger than the Yoruba. Let’s thank Tinubu that, at the least, he has no longer marginalized the Yoruba. Osun is Yoruba. So, we thank Tinubu for limited mercies!“

I’m obvious you know I modified into factual trying to give my other folks cool comfort. Nothing at all justifies the snobbish therapy and funky shoulders they imagine they are getting from a particular person they supported with all their being. But whenever you imagine the Ondo enlighten other folks are the most handy ones whinge- ing, you are unsuitable: Some APC girls leaders comprise expressed their grouse that they had been but to be com- pensated for their contribution to Tinubu’s success at the polls. Many who are hopeful or who were penciled down for appointment are agitated and worried that time is going.

One 365 days is gone already. But, truth be taught, I invent no longer envy the president. To carry out appointments may perchance perchance perhaps well also seem easy on the bottom nonetheless, in exact truth, it is no longer. The pressure, the blackmail, the pull and push are higher imagined than skilled, severely with the total rumour flying spherical about appointments being sold and bought. So, Tinubu has to shine his eyes. I heard that he makes efforts to look all the things sooner than any- ingredient escapes to the public.

That’s no longer going to be a minute job. On top of that, he has other things to invent: Foreign trips to source for FDI; conferences to abet, ECOWAS waha- la, his health to abet to, NLC incessant strike actions, ASUU warming up for its dangle strike, Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar’s ceaseless jabs, etc. He has governance to also abet to. He must also fetch time to unwind.

Ayo Fayose as governor of Ekiti enlighten told me that if he had a thousand appointments to carry out, they would no longer be ample to address all americans who contributed to his success at the polls. That’s the bitter truth. All americans who worked for Tinubu can no longer procure an appointment. No longer all americans who worked can comprise the different to enter the eating room whereas some who did no longer raise a finger will turn out sitting at the pinnacle of the desk! Such is life!

That, nonetheless, does no longer excuse the (deliberate or oversight?) marginal- ization of anyone. Awujale (Ogun enlighten) renowned 90 years and got GCON. Yoruba chief Pa Reuben Fasoranti (Ondo enlighten) took distress to talk about with Tinubu on a wheelchair at the Presidential villa nonetheless returned empty-handed. He thereafter cel- ebrated 98 years and serene got nothing. For what?


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