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AIMIM, BJP exploiting Mature City for politics: Congress

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Hyderabad: Congress candidate for Hyderabad Lok Sabha Constituency Mohammed Waliullah Sameer highlighted the neglect faced by residents of Mature City, urging them to interrupt free from communal politics and prioritise accurate improvement in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Joined by senior Congress leaders admire Khairtabad DCC president C. Rohin Reddy, TPCC Mahila Congress president Sunitha Rao, Malakpet in-price Shaik Akbar, Sameer conducted roadshows in Goshamahal and Malakpet constituencies, calling for a transformation in Hyderabad’s political landscape.

He criticised the AIMIM and BJP for exploiting the impoverished residents of Mature City, accusing them of prioritising communal agendas over improvement. Sameer identified that while AIMIM contests elections with out presenting a manifesto, BJP’s message to Hyderabad’s voters revolves exclusively around defeating AIMIM.

“MIM leaders captivate impoverished Muslims with tales of their courage and management. They engage in discussions about international, nationwide, and voice politics, but fail to mention their efforts towards the enchancment of the Mature City or fragment any plans for development if elected. They create a sage the establish aside the contributors survey their very possess success as intertwined with MIM’s achievements. Within the meantime, the BJP merely pledges to ‘liberate’ the Mature City from MIM’s affect, with out offering any substantive proposals,” Sameer said.

“As a consequence, residents in the Mature City generally vote with no valid expectations for tangible commerce or improvement. This pattern has continued for decades, with no vital efforts to address it,” he added.

He pledged to shift the essential goal from communal politics to improvement, advocating for voting per development in possibility to spiritual or communal affiliations.


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