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Sakura takes many forms in Singapore


Attributable to Japan-loving Singaporeans or aggressive marketing campaigns, you’d potentially possess observed that sakura season is right here again.

Yep, springtime in Japan formula picturesque stunning cherry bushes. And we would no longer be a good deal stunned if your colleague, buddy or household member has already booked a flight to Japan one day from now till mid-April.

But who says you die-die must roam back and forth to the Land of the Rising Sun to catch pleasure from these pink blossoms? Here are a number of the a huge desire of sakura-connected stuff you maybe can discuss over with, exhaust, savour and catch pleasure from in our Lion City:

Lifestyle 1. Behold the class of precise sakura

From March 22 to April 21, gelek admire a geisha over to Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome for the ninth version of its iconic sakura floral show. Soak in the cherry blossom extravaganza and in actuality feel the zen as you stroll between stunning sakura bushes.

There is also an gorgeous pavilion that appears as even though it came straight out of the gardens where Unesco World Heritage Converse Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) sits. The backdrop is optimistic to wow your Instagram followers (and fool them into thinking you’re in actuality in Japan).

The supreme fraction: the day-to-night time showcase of these treasured blooms. As the sun sets, the yozakura (night time sakura) in the form of lighted cherry blossoms illuminate the distance, providing you with tree-mendous stunning portray ops galore.

Our tip: Be there correct before before the sky darkens, so that you just maybe can undercover agent the mesmerising transformation of the floral show.

Designate costs vary; uncover extra right here.

Lifestyle 2. Delight in sakura-themed self care

In the spirit of all issues sakura, right here is an opportunity for you to pamper your self correct in the comfort of your possess residence. Refresh and rejuvenate with Ritual Singapore’s “The Ritual of Sakura” dwelling and physique series, featuring the fragile scent of cherry blossoms.

From shower gels, physique creams and perfumes, handy lotions and scented candles, skills a sensorial roam admire no varied as you leave in the relieve of the delicate path of sakura scents to your wake wherever you roam.

Lifestyle 3. Taste the flavour of spring

Take care of a cuppa?

Transport your self to the inspiring class of Kyoto with TWG Tea’s dinky-version Sakura! Sakura! Tea from the Immense Mode Tea Series, and savour the essence of Spring in a teacup.

This swish blend captures the essence of Kyoto’s successfully-known cherry blossom season, with shapely pink petals and green tea increasing a aromatic and dapper infusion. Enhanced with the delicate sweetness of Rainier cherry, this spell binding tea affords a gratifying floral aroma that lingers with every sip.

Or no longer it is also a feast for the eyes: Packaged in a spell binding tin adorned with shapely florals in opposition to a rose pink backdrop, this collectible blend completely captures the fleeting class of Hanami (the passe Jap personalized of having fun with the fleeting class of vegetation). So pretty!

Relax, relak, and make the most of of the sublime taste of this green tea infusion any time of the day.

Lifestyle 4. Whack a sakura-themed buffet

Skedaddle crazy with this seasonal offering. From now till Could additionally 2024, you maybe can uncover all issues pink and mouth-watering at the Sakura Festival hosted by Shaburi & Kintan Buffet. Like a flash game jio your kakis because we foresee a snaking queue for these highlights:

  • Purple Soy Milk Shabu-Shabu Soup
  • Strawberry Chocolate Fountain
  • Limitless Salmon Buffet Course
  • Spring Chirashi Sushi
  • Bamboo & Sakura Ebi Salad
  • Sakura Ebi & Bamboo Shoot Tempura
  • Sakura Mochi & Yomogi Mochi
  • Matcha Pudding & Strawberry Pudding

Discover extra right here.

Lifestyle 5. Be stunned by Singapore’s possess “cherry blossoms”

Will possess to you manufacture no longer are searching for to jostle with the crowd at Gardens by the Bay (or in Japan), then well suited preserve a lookout for stunning “cherry blossoms” on our Little Purple Dot.

a. Crepe myrtle

Is namedLagerstroemia indicathis medium-sized shrub (proven above) can reach heights of around 5 to 10m, and blooms with white, pink, purple, or pink vegetation, boasting a crepe-admire texture. Native to make a choice international locations in Asia admire India and Japan, this shrub also bears oval-formed fruit akin to dry, brown capsules.

b. Trumpet Tree

And optimistic! Or no longer it is that time of year again when the Tabebuia was redor, as we call it right here in Singapore, the Trumpet Tree, paints the town pink with its stunning class. This stunning spectacle happens due to the the dry weather, most ceaselessly occurring in April and August.

And it appears admire we are going to be seeing extra of them around, for the reason that weather has been (and can simply be) for these few weeks.

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