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Homeless Couple Rejects Work and Lives in a Tent, Announcing That Working Isn’t for Them


«Homelessness isn’t harmful if you’re wanting at it from our level of view,» the couple said. They, acknowledged for documenting their tent existence, bear sparked controversy bycalling their facet freeway everyday life a «flex» and counting on donations and hotel facilities. Let’s peek what’s occurring.

Lifestyle Their outspoken views bear ended in backlash.



Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna, a couple from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA, gained consideration after they presented their decision to exercise the time interval «houselessness» as a change of «homelessness» on Sunday (March 3). With 166K followers onTikTokLeland and Breanna shared a video from their tent, explaining their level of view.

They asserted that «houselessness is a flex» and clarified that they weren’t dehumanizing homeless folk. In the viral clipwhich garnered 130K+ views, Breanna elaborated on how their tough residing conditions had equipped them with «stable surviving abilities» that others can even simply lack. Leland chimed in, acknowledging that the time interval «homeless» on the total carries unfavorable connotations with it, prompting them to prefer «houselessness» as a change.

Lifestyle At final, they negate up for GoFundMe.



The couple’s video stirred up various reactions, with one commenter highlighting the importance of financial balance as the final «flex,» whereas one more emphasised the importance of private different and autonomy in one’s everyday life.

One other individual shared their obtain skills, cautioning that whereas being homeless could maybe maybe appear appealing in childhood, it turns into much less neat as one grows older. Meanwhile, Leland and Breanna bear negate up aGoFundMe page to beef up their minimalist everyday life, elevating $162 out of their $10,000 operate so a long way.

Lifestyle They explained that they’ve chosen to dwell simply to be triumphant of their financial targets extra lickety-split.



They imagine that by residing interior their skill now, they’ll exact a greater future for Leland Jr.’s son, who’s the center of their world. Leland Jr. targets of being in a negate to employ great extra quality time alongside with his son, cherishing the moments they portion every weekend.

After their eviction, Leland and Breanna sought refuge in a tent in the woods, but heavy snowstorm damaged their shelterasreported. Fortuitously, a kind-hearted particular individual stepped in, offering to replace their tent and supply lodging at a local Vacation Inn.

Lifestyle The causes for Leland and Breanna’s homelessness remain unclear.



Older videos uncover Leland working at McDonald’s and a hotel, as successfully as residing in a home. On the opposite hand, in a previous video, the couple said that they had no plans to get ajob, claiming they were «too tidy for that.»

One individual commented, suggesting that Leland and Breanna’s everyday life is extra about desirous to dwell for free comparatively than being «homeless by different.» What build you’re thinking that?


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