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gregblyth289 asked 6 years ago
I am trying to login into one(X) server using putty (port 22), it is showing Fatal Error. In Pop-up (Network error: Connection timed out). I have even tried to use it through winSCP. Note that putty is running fine on my client's side, but for me it's giving me that error every time. I tried using port 22, 23 and a few others without success. I have also tried with Windows Firewall both enabled and disabled. Thank you.
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Tamunofiniarisa Staff answered 6 years ago

There are majorly two possibilities why you could not connect to web servers via ssh using Putty:

  1. Connection Refused means that you are not allowed to connect in that manner to the web server. Practically, either the port is not allowed/correct, the connection type (telnet, SSH, SFTP, etc) or the IP you want to connect from (may be not allowed in the device's configuration).
  2. Your IP is being blocked / disallowed by the web server itself...

Check the target device and make sure it allows the type of connectivity you require.

  1. For WHM/cPanel (Centos 7), which I use for this very site you are browsing, Login via WHM to your Web Server via Browser.
  2. Navigate to "Add IP to Firewall"
  3. Now confirm you IP from Google Search
  4. Copy the IP Address and add to the text box next to "Add Rule" (See attached  image)
  5. Click on "Add Rule / Restart" button
  6. Now go back and try to login via your putty. Be sure that your server IP and configured ssh port (22 is default) are configured correctly.

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