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Stamp Cuban Sounds Horror on Bitcoin as Transaction Expenses Plunge Post-Halving

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  • The Bitcoin halving reduced miner rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC at block 840,000, coinciding with excessive transaction expenses due to the the Runes originate.
  • Expenses first and fundamental establish surged to over US$146 for medium-precedence and $170 for excessive-precedence transactions, nonetheless hold since reduced to around $16.
  • Stamp Cuban suggests miners might possibly presumably also pivot to AI, exploiting excessive GPU request, as mining’s economics shift put up-halving.

The Bitcoin halving is over and what’s known as the ‘block subsidy’ – the reward miners get for their work – has reduced from 6.25 bitcoin to 3.125 bitcoin on block 840,000. To this point so gorgeous, nonetheless expenses on the network had been unusually excessive amid the Rune originate and members paying to embrace their names or messages within the principle transaction put up-halving.

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These expenses are unusually excessive, with over US$146 (AU$226) to pay for a medium-precedence and US$170 (AU$263) for a excessive-precedence transaction. By the time of writing these expenses hold come down critically, to US$15.84 (AU$24.53) and US$16.87 (AU$26.12) respectively.

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Bitcoin transaction expenses, source: mempool.situation

Stamp Cuban acknowledged in a statement to The Block that it might possibly possibly get tougher for miners to receives a commission put up halving. The Dallas Mavericks owner acknowledged there might be an possibility for miners to procure up for misplaced income – and that’s in AI. In step with the Shark Tank host:

The of course attention-grabbing query connected to halving is the GPU market. Miners need extra power. There might be phenomenal request from AI for these GPUs. Will that distort the economics of mining? Now not merely from the attitude of payment, nonetheless might possibly presumably also or no longer it’s a ways a greater commerce to make exercise of these GPUs to put together models?

mark cuban Stamp Cuban

Are Bitcoin Miners Ready to Pivot?

While ASIC machines frail by Bitcoin miners are no longer acceptable for AI computing, many are pondering a pivot to completely different technologies. As Nic Carter of Citadel Island Ventures comments:

In case you’re a bitcoin miner, your machines can’t be repurposed. It might possibly in point of fact most likely possibly be distinguished to amass catch recent machines in yell to procure it and the tips heart requirements are completely different for AI versus bitcoin mining.

Nick Carter Nic Carter from Citadel Island Ventures

CNBC experiences within the previous one year, there’s been a huge amplify within the request for AI compute and infrastructure in a position to handling the sizable workloads wished for recent machine discovering out applications.

In step with a file by CoinShares, extra miners are expected to transition in opposition to AI in vitality-get areas due to the the opportunity of increased income.

This pattern means that bitcoin mining might possibly presumably also an increasing kind of transfer to stranded vitality websites while investment in AI grows at extra get areas.

Coinshare CoinShares

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Lots of mining companies, together with BitDigital, Hive, Hut 8Terawulf, and Core Scientific, are both already engaged in AI operations or hold plans for AI expansion.


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