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Owner Curious About Dog’s Friends at Daycare Receives Unexpected Update

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It can be nerve-wracking for dog parents when they send their pets away to doggy daycare, not knowing what their canines are up to.

One dog mom was desperate to know if her poochBilly the Australian cattle dog, was settling in and making friends with her playmates. The anxious owner asked the daycare for an update about her 2.5-year-old.

In adorable footage that amassed 181K likes and 2m views online, Billy’s owner, Ashley Fogle, shows the video response she received from the daycare.

Fogle, 32, from Columbus, Ohio, told Newsweek: “She is very spunky and her main objective when making friends is how easy are they to herd.”

Top Stories Tamfitronics Billy the Blue Steeler
Billy is an adopted hound who loves to herd everyone around him. @arya_the_cattle_dog/@arya_the_cattle_dog

In the video, her owner, who uses the handle Arya the Cattle Dog, dedicated to her other dog, (@arya_the_cattle_dog), said on TikTok: “Me: asking my dog if she is making any friends at daycare.”

The video starts with a still of the beige and black hound wrapped in a khaki green blanket. It shows the video she received from the daycare of Billy approaching what looks like a Shiba Inu, according to many commenters.

The two slowly approach each other, in Mexican stand-off fashion, and then stare at each other with their noses about two inches apart.

Australian cattle dogs are a loyal, intelligent, and tenacious breed. They are moderately affectionate and deemed to get on relatively well with other dogs and small children, according to the American Kennel Club.

Top Stories Tamfitronics Billy the Blue Steeler
Billy rests when she is not busy trying to round up her friends.@arya_the_cattle_dog

Also known as blue or red heelers, depending on their coloring, the breed originates from the Queensland Heeler which is related to the wild dog, the dingo, added AKC.

Due to their herding heritage, they are excellent runners and excel at chasing and hunting, the AKC states.

Dog lovers were in hysterics at the footage provided by the doggy daycare.

Grace said: “Guys she’s not posturing to fight she’s posturing to herd.”

Kat added: “The herding stare lol.”

One user shared: “My heeler has several German Shepherd boyfriends at daycare. She has a type lol.”

Jess Lucero wrote: “My heeler lived for 15 years and made like 3 friends ever. she was a picky lady. Dog parks were lost on her.”

Another user said: “I have 2 shibas and an ACD. This is exactly how the male Shiba and ACD solicit play.”

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Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.


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