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OP Rajbhar first blamed BJP for the defeat in UP, now he has started giving clarification on his own statement

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Lucknow: Om Prakash Rajbhar, who became a cabinet minister in the Yogi government, has blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party for the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. Om Prakash Rajbhar, the chief of Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, said that the public has rejected PM Modi and CM Yogi. However, by evening his tone seemed to have changed and he termed his own statement as fake news spread by the opponents.

In fact, OP Rajbhar held a review meeting at Subhaspa’s central office in Rasra on Friday. During this, he discussed the results of the Lok Sabha elections with his workers. Here OP Rajbhar said that the leaders of all the parties in the alliance do not know how to follow the alliance dharma, but we have honestly followed the alliance dharma. He said that the public has rejected Yogi and Modi.

Conspiracy of all opponents- Rajbhar

Later, when the matter started gaining momentum, OP Rajbhar started clarifying his own statement. Rajbhar said that we have not given any such statement, whatever is being circulated is fake news. He said that this is being spread as part of a conspiracy by the opponents. Rajbhar said that we are working under the leadership of Yogi Ji-Modi Ji. We are and will remain in the NDA alliance. The opponents are upset, so they are spreading various kinds of fake news.

Son Arvind had suffered a crushing defeat

Om Prakash Rajbhar’s son Arvind Rajbhar contested the Ghosi Lok Sabha seat, but he was defeated by the SP candidate Rajiv Rai of the Indy alliance. There was a contest between SP and NDA on the Ghosi seat, the candidates of both the parties had put in all their efforts to win. However, Om Prakash Rajbhar’s son Arvind Rajbhar lost the Ghosi seat.

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