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Throwing out your old-favorite pc? Sujan has a greater conception

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In a small, brightly lit workshop, Sujan Selven and his physique of workers are busy restoring undesirable pc programs for donation to local households.

Selven is the founding father of Upcycled Tech, a social enterprise that objectives to support get more faculty college students online, especially these from deprived households.

“In Australia, although we are a developed nation, there are many households with out a get entry to to devices,” says Selven, 38.

“When college students haven’t got get entry to outside the be taught room, they customarily fall in the support of at college. So, a second-hand pc helps with their homework, be taught and assignments.”

Technology tamfitronics A  man in a white t-shirt sits at a desk repairing a second hand pc.

A volunteer restoring a old-favorite pc on the workshop. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

Or no longer it’s a notion backed up by be taught. A most stylish KPMG file came upon that 84 per cent of faculty students with insufficient get entry to to a pc (outside the be taught room) struggled to originate class work and assignments.

Selven’s physique of workers upgrades discarded expertise. Many devices are donated by small companies or charities.

Tamil group volunteer Viji Dhayanathan says for refugee and asylum seeker households, the gift of workmanship can also impartial also be lifestyles-altering.

Technology tamfitronics A lady in a blue and white striped shirt holds up a pc pc.

Viji Dhayanathan is a Tamil group volunteer. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

“Most formative years are now utilizing laptops to originate their studies. However in many households, folks correct can’t come up with the money for to aquire three or four laptops in the event that they’ve three or four formative years.

“Without a instrument, they can not withhold up with their studies or originate their homework love utterly different formative years.”

Selven furthermore grew up with diminutive expertise, in a some distance off space of northern Sri Lanka.

He used to be born correct into a Tamil family in 1985 in Vanni district, at some level of that nation’s bitter civil war.

Technology tamfitronics A man in a multi-coloured shirt sits at a pc.

Sujan Selven at his Sydney blueprint of job. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

“We did no longer absorb get entry to to electricity, let alone a pc. For grand of my childhood, we had been hiding in bunkers.

“The air force would bomb the Vanni space, and a quantity of colleges had been [hit]. A quantity of my faculty traffic had been killed at some level of the war,” he says.

Selven arrived in Australia with his family in 2000, and later labored closely with utterly different refugees. It used to be then he started taking a survey a manner to present support.

“I’m alive and I survived, and I feel I if truth be told absorb a responsibility to originate one thing.

“So, once I learned in regards to the [digital divide] I made up my mind to level of curiosity on that, to support resolve that effect.”

Technology tamfitronics A man in a white t-shirt reaches across a desk as one other man appears to be like to be on.

Saif Al-Yousuf and Sujan Selven (standing) restoring a pc. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

His enterprise now helps local households in Australia and is furthermore making a distinction in his blueprint of birth, Sri Lanka.

“In some distance off areas of Sri Lanka, decrease than 20 per cent of the inhabitants has get entry to to devices. Net connectivity is even decrease,” he says.

“Students in Sri Lanka customarily fragment one to two pc programs between spherical 30 college students. We absorb now given some colleges 15 pc programs per lecture room,” he says.

“And that is the explanation in three provinces – north, east and south. To this level, now we absorb donated more than one thousand devices.”

Sri Lanka is gradually emerging from a excessive monetary crisis at some level of which inflation peaked at 70 per cent.

That resulted in mass protests, with hundreds of thousands plagued by food, scientific and gas shortages.

Among Sri Lankans to absorb the back of Upcycled Tech donations is Lathukshan, a robotics and pc science pupil.

“Learning used to be no longer easy earlier as we had only two pc programs. For the explanation that laptops had been donated, studying has change into grand simpler,” he says. “So, thank you for these devices.”

Technology tamfitronics Vulnerable cables and pc programs stacked against a white wall.

Digital fracture in a position to be upcycled. Source: SBS / Sandra Fulloon

However Selven is doing more than donating expertise to Australians and Sri Lankans.

Recycling is an efficient manner to decrease the 200-thousand tonnes of pc programs and utterly different electronic or ‘e-fracture’ despatched to landfill each and each year.

CEO of PlanetArk, Rebecca Gilling, Australia generates 531,000 so a lot of e-fracture yearly.

“E-fracture is without doubt seemingly the most quickest rising areas of fracture globally, and Australia cuts smartly above its weight,” she says.

“Per the Nationwide Atomize File of 2022, which is the most most stylish data we all absorb, the reasonable Australian produced in grand more than 20 kilograms of e-fracture.

“That is grand in grand more than the realm reasonable, which is spherical seven kilos per particular person per year,” she says.

Technology tamfitronics Male hands withhold up a portion of a pc.

Restoring a discarded pc. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

“In 2020-21, about 54 per cent of the e-fracture that we generated used to be despatched for recycling, and of that, about 35 per cent of affords had been recovered. So the rest unfortunately went into landfill.

Australians aquire nearly 5 million original pc programs yearly, and hundreds of thousands of old-favorite, undesirable pc programs are despatched to landfill each and each year.

Per Gilling, dumping old-favorite expertise is both unhealthy and a neglected opportunity.

“We’re losing very precious affords love precious metals. And we are furthermore striking potentially poisonous affords into landfill,” she says.

Technology tamfitronics A row of pc towers on a table in front of a window.

Donated pc programs ready for upcylcing. Source: SBS / Sandra Fulloon

“So, we if truth be told must procure these objects, withhold them in circulation wherever skill.”

For technician Saif Al-Yousef, who volunteers at Upcycled Tech, repairing old-favorite devices is a salvage-salvage for the surroundings and struggling households.

“We super the devices, upgrade them with original aspects, and then we be determined they’re working perfectly,” he says.

“That manner, pc programs and laptops will withhold going for presumably one other 5 or six years without households spending too grand money.

Technology tamfitronics A man in a white t-shirt sitting at a desk with pc programs.

Saif Al-Yousuf volunteers restoring pc programs in Sydney. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

“It makes me very tickled, incandescent a baby who has no pc will get a instrument that helps with their training.”

Founder Sujan Selven serene works plump-time as an operations manager at a civil electrical company, and says his project will give 5 restored laptops to an anti-slavery charity in Australia this week.

He furthermore objectives to get higher the shipping of devices to his blueprint of birth.

“It is some distance a quantity of red tape on the second to steal the devices into Sri Lanka. However we are slowly discussing with the executive to get things smoother,” he says.

“In future, we desire to get higher the preference of devices that we receive, and the preference of folks that absorb the back of our provider.”

Technology tamfitronics A man in a multi-coloured jacket standing in front of an ornamental wall.

Sujan Selven at his Sydney workshop. Source: SBS / Spencer Austad

“My intention is to put every faculty with a pc. And I feel we are progressing on that in Sri Lanka,” he says.

“However at closing, I’m hoping to get a pc and connectivity into every household.

“That would possibly be my excellent intention.”

This legend used to be produced in collaboration with SBS Tamil.


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