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The Mind Guide – By Tamunofiniarisa Brown

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The Mind Guide by Tamunofiniarisa Brown

The Mind Guide: To destroy every inner negative attitudes and energy, and establishing pragmatic forms of your inherent great potentials This is because some individual had accepted poverty, and believed they will never be rich; others had accepted defeat in life, and lay blames on their surroundings, friends, and families, instead of blaming it on their lack of persistence, perseverance, self-improvement, and unceasing prayers.



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However, after reading this book, you will hone your thoughts. You can think of yourself as successful, or into poverty. You can think of yourself as progression or retrogression. Our mindsets are the powerhouse of our actions – success and failure in all areas of our lives: love, faith, sex, business, education, profession, marriage, friendship, etc.

The perspectives in this book are the issues of fears, the four Idols that prejudice understanding, emotional pitfall (love, faith, sex, and anger), power of knowledge, truth and reality, power of thoughts, cultural and ethnic miscues, perseverance, persistence, prayers, peers, mental capability, information quality, and more, and their respective influences on individuals’ behaviours and successes.

The author concludes this book with the final words of mind guide, which encompass almost all the areas discussed in the preceding twelve (12) chapters.

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EBOOK VERSIONS:  Payhip | Smashwords | Amazon

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