Nostradamus predicted war in Europe, refugees, and a dictator’s demise in 2022

Nostradamus predicted war in Europe, refugees, and a dictator’s demise in 2022

An astrologer of the 16th century

Nostradamus predicted war in Europe, refugees, and a dictator’s demise in 2022 3

Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566 and wrote approximately 6,338 prophecies. He even claimed to know how and when the world would come to an end! Of course, his writings were rarely specific, which makes them open to a lot of different interpretations. Critics even say that people can read into his words whatever they want to read.

Nostradamus predicted war in Europe

The following interpretations of his prophecies for 2022 were circulated at the beginning of the year – before anything was known about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read on to see what Nostradamus predicted according to his interpreters.

Attack on a European city

People interpreting his prophecies wrote in late December 2021 that Nostradamus had made statements about a possible siege of Paris in 2022. This would indicate a war in Europe.


Nostradamus also predicted that wars and armed conflicts in the world would be an amplifier of hunger, which would increase migration.


Some of his interpreters claim that Nostradamus predicted the arrival of many more refugees by 2022. They say he calculated that this year, seven times as many migrants would reach Europe’s borders as in the previous year.

The collapse of the European Union

One of the points in his prophecies would be Nostradamus’ prediction of the fall of the European Union.

Death of a dictator

According to some prophecy interpreters, Nostradamus predicted the death of a dictator. They think he was referring to North Korea’s Kim-Jong Un.

Or perhaps Putin?

Or perhaps we should not take ‘demise’ too literally and simply point to Vladimir Putin’s losses in Ukraine. Will he still be president of Russia by the end of 2022?

Earthquake in Japan

Another prediction is that a major earthquake would hit Japan in 2022.

‘Successful predictions’ from the past

Nostradamus correctly predicted certain historical events in the past. Or, at least, it would seem that way by some interpretations of his words.

Terrifying predictions

He allegedly foresaw the Great Fire of London, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the horrors of World War II, the French Revolution, and even the creation of the atomic bomb.

Baba Vanga

Nostradamus is the most famous but not the only seer who has many followers. Vangelia Gushterov, better known as Baba Vanga or ‘the Nostradamus of the Balkans,’ was a Bulgarian healer who lived from 1911 to 1996. She shared visions of the future as far ahead as the year 5079.

Warned of several disasters

Baba Vanga’s fame was mainly confined to Eastern Europe, but over time, her predictions of important historical events have gone around the world. Among her best-known (alleged) predictions are the 11 September 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York; the Chernobyl nuclear accident; the death of Princess Diana; the 2004 tsunami in Asia; and the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Volcanoes and floods

For 2021, Baba Vanga predicted significant seismic and volcanic activity, as well as floods and storms. According to international media, the seer was 85% accurate in her predictions.

For 2022: a new pandemic… from Siberia!

For the year 2022, the situation, according to Baba, was not very encouraging. Among the prophetess’s forecasted events was a new pandemic, this time discovered by scientists in Siberia.

Water shortages

Her visions also included a serious water crisis, with drinking water shortages in several cities around the world.


The prophet also predicted that river pollution would increase and that a tsunami would devastate Asia and Australia.

New technology

She said people would spend more time glued to the screens of mobile devices and computers, confusing reality and the virtual world. Would she be referring to Meta by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman, or simply by our addiction to social media?

A terrifying prediction about Russia

In the days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, texts from Baba Vanga circulated that had allegedly predicted this aggression. According to several international news media outlets, the seer allegedly said that “Russia would rule the world” and that “no one can stop Russia.”

Aliens too?

Among the list of more exotic premonitions, Baba Vanga even foresaw an alien invasion. According to her, an asteroid sent by aliens will attack planet Earth in 2027.

But can these predictions really be trusted?

Of course, we are unable to ask Baba Vanga and Nostradamus whether their ambiguous texts were actually pointing toward these concrete events. The prophecies will always remain a point of interpretation and discussion.

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