Within the 80s, ‘’resistance to oppression’’ ruled the zeitgeist. Reggae song became vastly accepted. It resonated with the yearnings of the contributors for freedom from autocracy, domination, and oppression. Reggae became the conduit for social expression; it became the euphonious channel for agitation and for resisting the ‘’sistem’’.

The Mandators evoked the spirit of the times with the ‘’Disaster’’ album. The album had hits akin to Rat Tear and Inflation. Majek Fashek spoke for a technology with the album – Prisoner of Sense of right and wrong. And Orits Williki with the album – Tribulation. There were many others in that league.

There became cause to song. There became common sense — now not totally symphony. There became a formulation. And there became message — now not totally melody.

On the time when the Nigeria Tv Authority (NTA) exercised attain monopoly over terrestrial broadcasting, kids had very restricted alternate options for degenerative entertainment. Nudity, medication, and violence which would possibly well be at present time ubiquitous digital divertissements, were odd in song movies. There became diligent censorship. And lyrics of songs were sanitised.

There became innovative cultural conditioning and tag adaptation. Funmi Adams’ ‘’Nigeria my liked country’’ became every baby’s anthem. And she reminded the young of the primacy of schooling in ‘’Bata mi a dun koko ka’’.

As of late, the values and innocence of broken-down salvage volatilised. All long past. Nudity, medication, and violence are the very enhancing contents for song movies. The lyrics of songs are carefully sexualised — with themes around medication, and violence. Pornography is buffet – available on social platforms – and intruding when unsolicited.

Songs and skits selling medication, intercourse, cultism, and violence populate the digital biome. Children are in a tournament of the grotesque over who has essentially the most terrifying intercourse tape.

An absence of values, insolence, indiscipline, recklessness, and debauchery is the sleek conditioning. It is the zeitgeist. It goes to irritate.

What’s the model forward?

The formative years will need sleek ingenious distractions. It is a colossal stammer. Sex and the ridiculous promote. Nuisance tag has became rewarding. Notoriety is now reputation, and the atrocious now neatly-known. Supplanting the sizzling stammer will rob an evolutionary displacement. The times will in the extinguish commerce – either for suitable or for irascible – as it is with every social progression.

However what desires to be performed in the instantaneous is for companies saddled with the accountability of sanitising public contents and of marketing nationwide values to be alive to their accountability. Entertainers selling medication, cultism and violence desires to be made to face the legislation. There desires to be stern reprimand for the promotion of dispositions succesful of inducing crime and violence. These entertainers need to now not be ambassadors to nationwide causes or space as examples to the formative years. That is rewarding irascible behaviour.

As a society, there desires to be top price for self-discipline, onerous work, real tag, and integrity. We need to de-emphasise the tradition of profligacy, decadent opulence, and arrogance which fuels the trafficking in libertinism.

The need for tag re-orientation and sleek socialisation is a project that ought to be actuated by – electorate, groups, government, outmoded institutions, the media, and all concerned members of society.

Fredrick Nwabufo, Nwabufo aka Mr One-Nigeria is a media executive.