1998 Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony Microcassette 60 Minutes 3-pack Microcassette Set #3mc60b2n Blister Package Version—tape Speed 1.2 Cm/s Record Time 120 Min.(2×60 Min.)—tape Speed 2.4cm/s 60 Min. (2×30 Min.)—excellent Durability for Repeated Use, Lifelike Voice Reproduction, 60 Minute Recording, Ideal for Recording Memos, Interviews, Conferences and Incoming Messages on Telephone Answering Machines (3 Pack Version, Microcassette Version, 60 Minutes)- micro electronics inc sold by Amazon.com


INTRODUCTION & METHODOLOGYWhat Does This Report Cover?The primary audience for this report is managers involved with the highest levels of the strategic planning process and consultants who help their clients with this task. The user will not only benefit from the hundreds of hours that went into…

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