Expensive auto-purchase of cues

Discussion QuestionsExpensive auto-purchase of cues
asked 6 years ago

Repurchase car Toyota Toyota Land Cruiser 200Today, a deal to buy a car in Kiev took almost the whole day. Called the client offered a ransom of a problem car Toyota Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Buyback of a car loan is always a problem, but not for the company auto-buy. After the call of the client, we asked him to take with him a loan agreement, and checks on the payment of a loan, a certificate from the bank on the state of debt to date.

Having arrived to us, the client provided all the necessary contracts and certificates. Having studied the contract and the existence of debt on the loan, we called the bank and checked all the information that the client provided us. Debt on the loan was 12 000u.u. After a brief inspection of the car Toyota Land Cruiser 200, having studied the service history, also checking it, by phone call, in the service at which it was serviced. Having formed the price under the program the repayment of the car of Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which, and offered to the client, minus the balance on the loan. His price suited, and we went to the bank in which they paid the balance on the loan, took a certificate of the absence of debt on the loan. After we went to the notary issued a power of attorney, and let the client go. They themselves went to MREO for the re-registration of the vehicle. For the client, it took an hour, and we already made out ourselves. The problem of redemption of credit and distressed cars for the company is not a problem. Please, we will be happy to help.


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