Project Management

Project Management

Project management is not just about gathering tools and human resources. There is more… Your project must be effectively planned, monitored and controlled, executed, and closed successfully.
We will give you the requisite and real-time integration of resources and principles.

Project Management Core

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Starting a Business:

  • We help to build a Business Plan
  • Finding Start-up Funds
  • Tour First HR Tasks

Selecting and Initiating (scoping) a Project:

  • Understanding the meaning of a project
  • Project Scope (the Scope Triangle)
  • PMLC (Project Management Life Cycle) Approaches
    • Linear
    • Incremental
    • Iterative
    • Adaptive
    • Excessive
  • Tips on how to initiate and Scoping (initiating activities)
  • The Project Overview Statement and its profit
  • The Five Basic Project Management Process Groups

Project Planning:

  • Building the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure or Schedule)
  • Estimation of Process and Project Duration
  • Resources Required for Project Completion
  • Activity and Project Cost

Project Management Core

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Risk and Project Planning:

  • Project Network Diagram
  • Project Quality Management
  • Approaches for Project Analysis
  • preliminary project schedule, and compressing the schedule
  • The Risk in Management Life Cycle: Planning for Risk
  • project proposal.

Project Execution:

  • Project Manager’s Position
  • Project Staff (Contract and Core Groups)
  • Managing Scope Modifications and Communications
  • Useful resource Task Methods
  • The Remaining Project Schedule
  • The best way to Handle Several Project Groups
  • Project Management Workplace


Project Monitoring and Control:

  • Establishing a Progress Reporting System
  • Managing and Controlling Risk
  • Obtaining Ultimate Client Acceptance on the Deliverables
  • Documenting the Project
  • Conducting Post-Implementation Audits and Project Value determinations
  • Writing the Ultimate Report
  • Risk versus Benefit Analysis


Project Management Core

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Project Management Lifecycle (Pertinent Application):

  • Traditional Project Management Approaches (TPM) – linear and incremental Methodologies
  • Understanding the Variations in Project Management Approaches
  • Selecting the Best Project Management Method
  • Utilizing the Linear Project Management Life-cycle Method
  • Essential Project Management Strategy
  • Establishing and Managing Buffers

Other Project Management Methodologies:

  • Agile Project Management (APM) – Iterative and Adaptive
  • Implementation, Strengths and Weaknesses of Agile PM
  • Implementation of Agile Project Management within the PMBOK Framework
  • Extreme Project Management (xMP) and (MPx, i.e. Emertxe)
  • Implementation, Strengths and Weaknesses of Extreme PM
  • Implementation of Excessive Project Management within the PMBOK Framework

Project Portfolio Management:

  • What’s Project Portfolio Management?
  • Project Portfolio Management Life Cycle
  • Evaluating Project Alignment to Portfolio Methods
  • Choosing a Balanced Project Portfolio
  • Managing Lively Tasks
  • Closing Tasks within the Portfolio

Project Management Core

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Energy Management:

  • Economics of Oil, Fuel and Energy
  • Energy and Our Environment
  • Energy Transport and Supply (Utilities)
  • Major Players in Energy Management
  • Fiscal Attribute of Energy Management
  • Energy Analysis and Evaluation:
  • Energy Management, Risk, and Infrastructure
  • Energy Initiatives

Info-Tech Project Management:

  • Managing Successful IS/IT Tasks
  • Instruments and Methods for Successful IS/IT Tasks

Construction Project Management:

  • Development of Project Management Software
  • Integrated Infrastructure Management
  • Development Planning
  • Managing Construction Teams (Organizational and Behavioural Management)
  • Execution and Management
  • Contract Administration and Closure
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