The high mass of women entrepreneurs in Marrakech

The high mass of women entrepreneurs in Marrakech

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La grand-messe des femmes chefs d’entreprises à Marrakech

The 69th World Congress FCEM 2022 takes place from November 2 to 4

The 69th FCEM (Global Women Entrepreneurs) World Congress is being held from November 2 to 4, 2022 in Marrakech under the theme “Stronger Sustainable Growth, Together”. 100% business meetings are on the program for this edition, which emphasizes heritage during two cultural gala evenings with evocative themes of “Berber nomad” and “Caravan serail”. Thus, a ceremony of the FCEM Awards awarded to FCEs who shone in 2021 is organized. This major meeting of women’s entrepreneurship brings together delegations from no less than 35 countries. A total of some 500 international participants from 5 continents and all regions of Morocco will take part in this annual meeting organized by AFEM, the host association of this 69th congress.
The sessions and panels will discuss major topics for entrepreneurship women such as the circular economy, sustainable development, sustainable growth, social innovation or even green tech. The opportunity will also be given to the AFEM to sign conventions on the sidelines of the congress (FCE Monde and the French-speaking business forum FFA as well as with the EBRD and the European Union).
For Marie Christine Oghly, President of the FCEM, “the World Congress of Women entrepreneurs is the largest event of our Association. Each year, this meeting awaited by all of our members on the 5 continents gives women’s entrepreneurship an exceptional showcase. It brings together for discussion, reflection, women from all over the world in order to reaffirm their commitment to promote solidarity, friendship, cultural understanding and the sharing of experiences, know-how and ideas. It is a special time to facilitate business development, partnerships and trade as well as foster professional growth and development of business skills, and encourage women to start their own businesses”. For her part, Leila Doukali, President of the AFEM, affirms: “Even today and for two decades, the AFEM has been pursuing its main mission of supporting and strengthening entrepreneurial initiative in Morocco. The theme of this 69th edition of the FCEM congress is not fortuitous. Indeed our country lists many structural projects, displays and undertakes a policy of opening up our industrial fabric characterized in particular by the desire to multiply free trade agreements in order to ensure the diversification of offers and markets. An approach to be welcomed for our entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to reconnect with growth in a traumatic post-Covid climate, more than ever alliances are necessary around win-win projects. We, AFEM, have an unfailing commitment to contribute to this growth, that of sustainable and inclusive growth”. It must be said that gender equality is a prerequisite for achieving the SDG objectives set for 2030. However, women still face many obstacles to creating and developing their entrepreneurial projects.
For women, access to finance and technology is even more difficult. Women entrepreneurs and money: a paradoxical relationship? Is it still urgent to continue to put in place “gendered” financing? What role does entrepreneurship play in women’s economic empowerment? How to align all the programs, initiatives, etc. to offer a “Funding fast track”? How to “onboard” more women entrepreneurs following this unavoidable trend which brings together technology and “green business”? How to make it a changeover lever for quick and lasting results? How to articulate the different systems put in place by public, private and NGO actors so that “it works”? How to facilitate the emergence of an innovation ecosystem, conducive to the acceleration of women’s business? What major initiatives should be highlighted? So many questions debated by the experts present during this edition.


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