Project Management Life Cycle Overview

This video explains the 5 phases of the enterprise administration life cycle: initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and shutting.

Initiation Phase: 0:41
Planning Phase: 1:17
Execution Phase: 2:26
Monitoring and Controlling Phase: 3:22
Closing Phase: 3:51

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This video is about Project Life Cycle. Here is explains 4 phases of enterprise life cycle.
Typically a Project Life Cycle is embody following 4 Phases:
In some Methodologies Monitoring and Control will be considered a enterprise life cycle part. Project Managers Follow these phases to deal with any enterprise from start to finish.
These Project administration phases are outlined and outlined.
1. The Project Initiation Phase
2. The Project Planning Phase
3. The Project Execution Phase
4. The Project Monitoring and Control
5. The Project Closing Phase

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