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Does Nothingness Exist?

Aristotle argued almost 2,400 years ago that a perfect vacuum could never exist. Today, the concept of nothingness figures at least implicitly into almost every theory of modern physics. In this episode closing out season 2 of “The Joy of Why,” the theoretical physicist Isabel Garcia Garcia of New York University and the Institute for

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Electrical Power Systems – introduction

Facilities engineers have typically been assigned responsibility for electrical power systems. Clinical engineers, on the other hand, should be well-versed in this field for a variety of reasons. To begin, clinical engineers are increasingly becoming involved in healthcare facility restoration and construction projects. A well-designed electrical power system is crucial for the safe and effective operation of medical devices, and it is an important part of the facility design. As a result, the clinical engineer must be aware of the most important design concerns and capable of contributing to the design process.

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